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DIY Splatter Text Tee

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Lately I’ve been on a D.I.Y. kick (of course, with the prospective DIY business with Charity). Tonight I’ve been inspired to make a splatter text shirt! For months I’ve wanted to either buy or make one of these shirts, so I decided to make it tonight! It was a fairly simple process, just time-consuming, and of course this shirt wasn’t the BEST but I liked how it turned out. So this is my first attempt at a How-To DIY Project. Let me know how I did at explaining it to you!What You'll Need

Items Needed:

  • Cutting Board or Table (you’ll need to protect the surface)
  • Shirt (I wanted an oversized look so mine was Men’s Medium & it was huge)
  • Poster Board–several sheets
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Fabric Dye Spray Paint (or fabric paint, fabric markers, heck acrylic paint if you want)

STEP ONE: On regular paper I brainstormed lyrics from Modern Miracle songs and made a rough sketch of how I wanted it to look on the t-shirt.

STEP TWO: I lined up two sheets of poster board on the tee to get a feel of the space I could work with on the tee.


STEP THREE: Using the ruler I free-handed the letters. **MAKE THIS STEP EASIER:Print out letters and trace or just buy stencils; my printer is broken :(**

45 STEP FOUR: Using the scissors I cut out the letters (I did leave some uncut for a reason) This step took the longest and was the hardest for sure **MAKE THIS STEP A LITTLE EASIER: For the straight lines of the text use exact-o blades…this is still a hard process, but that will help**

6 STEP FIVE: Line newly cut posters onto the t-shirt like in STEP two. Pin corners down.

7 STEP SIX: This is the fabric spray I used, but you can use fabric paint, fabric markers, or you could even trace the letters with tailor’s chalk and stich the letters into the shirt..hmm…

8 STEP SEVEN: Spray the stencil the desired amount, then let dry.

9 STEP EIGHT: Here is the front! I used green acrylic paint to detail it…not my favorite part about it but, if anything, this was a trial and error type shirt so I’m happy.

10 STEP NINE: Then I traced out my hand, pinned it to the back of the shirt and sprayed again.

11121314Ultimately, I’m happy with how it turned out! Now that I’ve experimented I know what to do and not to do so I’ll probably make some more!

Inspiration For this DIY:

Modern MiracleMy boyfriend’s band that I design for and manage: Modern Miracle myspace.com/modernmiracle

Oversized/graphic tees…Looking at the picture I realize that the closeness of the letters makes it cooler…duly noted.


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