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Today was a new student orientation day (along with tomorrow) so most of the day I just wore the red TSTC shirt with the other student ambassadors! lol But I did meet Taylor for coffee and threw something on before leaving the school. All in all today was a great day, though! We were the only people in Joe Bucks except Clifton and another worker, so it was fun just getting to hang out with them.

Wow, it’s already Thursday of my last week of summer vacation! Monday starts a whole new chapter in this college experience. I honestly don’t think I’m ready, because I’ll have to re-adapt myself to this new schedule. I don’t think it’ll be too bad, I’m just antsy, I guess.

My schedule:

Monday & Wednesday: Multimedia Development: 1PM-4PM
Tuesday & Thursday: Programming Logic & Design: 10AM-12PM
Tuesday & Thursday: Project Analysis & Design: 1PM-4PM
Friday: Internet Communications: 9AM-4PM

Okay, Okay…I guess it’s not that bad (except for my Friday class!)

(My eyes are looking strange!)

Shirt: DIY Cowl Neck Shirt…This shirt was an accident! So I may try to recreate it in How-To form.

So last night I was browsing for some DIY inspiration (because it is currently a very large obsession of mine) and happened upon this wedding website. In 2006 they had a DIY wedding dress contest… These dresses are made from toilet paper! Talk about a spin on the traditional wedding shower game where you wrap someone up in toilet paper! lol The grand prize winner is beautiful but the detailing in the second place dress is awesome! Visit this site to see more wedding dress contestants:http://www.cheap-chic-weddings.com/wedding-contest-2006.html

p.s. I’m definitely going to start using  Spell-Check! Sorry for the horrors in previous posts!

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