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DIY School Spirit Dress out of 4XL tee (How-To!)


This shirt if 4XL…The larger the shirt, the longer the dress! I wanted mine to be modest, but I think 3X,2X & maybe even XL would be okay (but they would be shorter)

Just an idea on the SIZE of this shirt:
Step One: Cut off Collar and Sleeves (You can leave collar, if you want!)
640Step Two: From the hem of the top of the shirt, measure about 7 in down and make a mark.

(the cut part is where the sleeve used to be)

(the cut part is where the sleeve used to be)

Step Three: Take a fitted shirt, line it up with the center of the large shirt. From the mark you made in Step 2, Measure a diagonal line all the way to the bottom of the fitted shirt sleeve (leave 1-2 in of space) The diagonal lines will make a flutter sleeve.

Step Four: Between the two diagonal marks cut a diagonal line. Do this to both sleeves (These are your new sleeves!)

Step Five: From the bottom cut to the end of the original shirt sleeve, measure a midpoint and make a mark. (my midpoint is 7 in.)

Step Six: Cut a straight, horizontal line of both sides, ending at the midpoint.
Step Seven: Turn the dress over on its back, with your measuring tape, find the center of the back.661Step Eight: Take the two large panels of fabric and fold over, meeting in the middle of the back. (First try on the dress, wrap the two panels around until it fits your body. Make a mark where it fits you.) Sew the two panels to the back. * another idea would be to try sewing on buttons*

674682Step Nine: (The dress is still with the back facing up) Take the two back small panels and cut them off (not the front panels!)

685Step Ten: Take the two small panels from the front of the dress and wrap them around  to the back. (Try the dress on and fit the two small panels to your fit, too) Sew (or button/clasp) these to the back, as well.


I actually haven’t had time, but you can also sew the sleeves, as well! I’ll have to add that, later.

Ignore the shorter sleeve

Ignore the shorter sleeve

You can see larger photos here: <a href=”https://mismatchedmess.wordpress.com/2009/08/29/diy-school-spirit-dress-out-of-4xl-tee/#comments”>4XL TEE</a><br />

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