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Weekend Post


Such a fun weekend!

Charity and nathan Lenox had a beautiful wedding ceremony and a very fun reception!

Charity was beautiful in her dress! I can’t wait to see the photos from Barnett Photography because they’re going to be awesome! (Visit their website to see the couple’s engagement photos!)

9.19.09-Wedding 0369.19.09-Wedding 0509.19.09-Wedding 156

It was so fun being in the wedding party. We hung out all day and spent four hours getting ready! Hah. I loved my dress and will just have to find some other occasion to wear it to! But I’ll have to dry-clean it because my beautiful flowers got red and yellow pollen all over it! (Before the wedding!) But it wasn’t a big deal!

The bride walked down to her and nathan singing “Come what May” from the movie Moulin Rouge and now every time I’m in my car that song comes into my mind and I just tear up all over again!

I guess the big news besides the wonderfully amazing wedding and gorgeous bride was that I caught the bride’s bouquet. And there is a story. 😉

No one really wanted to catch it. And everyone decided not to catch it. I decided to not catch it. and then no one was catching it and it was going to fall to the floor so my cat-like reflexes (which I actually don’t usually have…) came out and I just grabbed it! Later Tay told me he had yelled out jokingly, “you better catch it!” Yikes! So if no one knew about me and tay  I guess the bouquet thing makes it official: Yes, there is going to be a wedding in our future. But we’re not even engaged yet so don’t get any big thoughts! 🙂

this is the best shot of my dress! :( oh well lol

this is the best shot of my dress! 😦 oh well lol

hahahaha look close to the right hand side and you see my hand

hahahaha look close to the right hand side and you see my hand reaching out!

9.19.09-Wedding 176

Anyways, the wedding was wonderful! I can’t wait to see the new husband and wife in a few weeks!

For more photos Click These:

My Photos 1
My Photos 2

The bridal party:
Maid of Honor: Nicole White (pictured in first photo tying Charity’s dress)-Charity’s friend since birth. She’s actually going to school in Sydney, Australia and she flew in for the wedding! She was a great maid of honor. She was by Charity’s side the whole day.
Maid of Honor: Ashley ThorntonThey’ve been friends for a long time. She’s so cute! She’s in A&M Commerce but anytime they can these two are together and can talk about anything!
Bridesmaids: Amanda McGill, Nina Derrick, & Me!

Actually all of the girls but me have been friends with Charity since childhood since I didn’t come into the picture until high school. But I would consider myself very lucky because I get to see her pretty much every week and we’ve become really great friends in a short time! I’m glad I was in the wedding!!

I’ll update everyone when the official photos come in! They’ll be amazing!

Post about my Sunday up soon!


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Post

  1. Aww.. Big thoughts, Big Thoughts! You can’t say that and not have big thoughts! 🙂 Glad it was a fun day!

  2. hehe

    I’m TRYING not to have big thoughts.
    Tay wants it to be a complete surprise with me not expecting a thing. It could be years!

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