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Halloween as Bonnie and Clyde

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First of all—my apologies! This post was supposed to be posted November 1 but the computer messed up so now I’m re-writing it on November 2!

Halloween was great! Tay and I went as Bonnie and Clyde, the infamous bank robbers of the 1930’s who allegedly ran through the Townlin farm (my family) while on the run (I think. I may have my information wrong) and are also somehow related to my cousin, Katy. 🙂 Very interesting….

Though I can’t say how much I “love” these two historical bank robbers and murderers, I did a lot of research on the couple and I do have a sort of respect for them. For instance, Bonnie Parker was a very insightful writer and poet. Her poems are sad and deep and meaningful. Clyde Barrow had a knack for crafts—he made wooden crafts, belt buckles, jewlery…very cool. This doesn’t absolve their wrongdoings but learning more about them gave me a respect for them (partly).


Tay and I celebrated out three year “date-aversary” (October 31) by going on a date! Ha ha.  He took me out to Longview and we ate Applebee’s, went to see Cirque Du Freak: Vampire’s Assistant (very cute), and went to Starbucks! There weren’t many people dressed up in those places, but we did get a few compliments: At the theatre a worker asks us: “Are you going to rob us?” and at Starbucks: “Ya’ll are perfect for each other.”

We did nothing halloween related but it was still a good time and Tay was so sweet. Anything I wanted to do we just did it. By the end of our night, though (not very late—say, 10pm!) even though we both said we wanted to go trick or treating I’m glad he decided against it because I was just cranky and tired. LOL.

10.31.09 Halloween 024

Alright. Halloween was so much fun, but now we’re in November! November 2nd, as a matter of fact–and I’ve got a great idea for this month. Everyday there is a different “fun holiday” and I am going to ‘celebrate’ this holiday on the blog. Today is Cookie Monster, from Sesame Street’s birthday! So later on today I’ll be celebrating Cookie Monster on this blog! Feel free to celebrate these holidays too!


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One thought on “Halloween as Bonnie and Clyde

  1. You never called or came by to bring us cookies…. 😦

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