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November 5th: Donut Day

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Wow, I have not been responsible at all about keeping up with this blog! November celebrations have been going on ALL WEEK yet I have not posted about them at all! My apologies! Let’s get back on track!

November 2nd: I did post about this one but I forgot to tell you that I had cookies and I decorated them in blue icing to celebrate Cookie Monster’s birthday. I didn’t have any, though—I gave them to Taylor and his roommates!

November 3rd was Sandwich Day and I am so not happy to say that I didn’t even celebrate today! The easiest possible day to celebrate….I just didn’t have time! I had some sandwich meat and chips for a quick lunch—I was so busy!

November 4th was Candy Day. Now, this was an easy one, too! Just buy candy, right? Right! But on top of that I also found Taylor some Axe Body and hair products and they were named “Chocolate.” So, I definitely gave that to him (as well as some candy) so he could celebrate this holiday, too!


Alright, now we are all caught up!

November 5th: Donut Day

TODAY is Donut Day! (This week has been primarily about unhealthy food, eh?) Well, I wasn’t interested in going out to buy some fresh donuts this morning, plus I didn’t have any time to do that so vending machine donuts at work were just as great!


Yes, powdered donuts were great for today’s celebration!

You should celebrate too! Every day is cause for celebration! (and post pics if you do)  ;) Happy November!


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