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I have so much I want to blog about, but it’s all about Christmas presents and I’m not going to just tell everyone what their present is. (If, of course, they read my blog. who knows, maybe they don’t)

I officially “moved out” of the campus apartment last Friday. I had to move out for Christmas break so I’m living out of my car right now.

I am, however, at work. I rode with my mom and opened up the career center. And I know. I KNOW. that no one will stop by. Because school is OUT. But… time is money, eh?

I love Christmas time. I love giving presents. Well, let me put it this way: I love giving presents until minutes before I give someone their present and then I get a tiny anxiety attack that goes like this: “Man, they’re not expecting this present. I hope they don’t think I’m hoping for anything in return. Because I wasn’t even thinking about that when I got them this, I was just thinking, “Hey, let’s get them a little something.” What if they show up tomorrow with a present for me? That is the last thing I want–to put them in a position where they think they’re required to get me something.”

And then I suck it up and give it to them.

The people I’m referring to are the people who definitely aren’t supposed to get me anything…like my roommates or boss. (With family I don’t worry so much about because I know I’m on their Christmas list.) Anyways…I gave those people a little bag of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

My favorite small gifts last Christmas were all the hot chocolate I recieved. Because, like coffee, I’m an addict to the stuff. I look forward to waking up at my dad’s house in the morning because there will always be a mug of hot chocolate full of marshamallows waiting. I think I could easily say hot chocolate is my favorite part of Christmas. 😉

Anyways, I need a hair cut. I haven’t cut my hair since I was a senior in high school—-I’m about to graduate college now!

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