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Focusing On: Thankfulness

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This month has been a difficult one for me. When others are choosing to whole-heartedly show each other everything they’re thankful for, I find myself struggling. 

A recent situation in my life has caused much aggravation and hurt. Because of this, I am feeling frustrated, used, and overwhelmed. It is adding so much extra stress in my life, and opening up many more avenues for expressing negative emotions. 

Today, I want to step back and try to see the positive in this situation. It is a struggle I still have to face, but I need to find the joy in other places in my life before the negative consumes me. 

I thought of the sweet student me and Taylor are sponsoring in Belize. Luis is a nine year old boy whose only family are his 90 year-old grandparents. We visited him last February, gave him a toy, and toured around his village. His home is a small wooden house with mud floors and no electricity. 

Taylor and I aren’t able to give much, but we pay for him to go to school and we keep up with him via The Children of Hope Foundation. He sends us coloring book pages and letters and warms our hearts so much. 

I am so thankful for Luis. His journey is so different than my own, but I am grateful to be connected to him. 

(This year I want to give him a very big and special Christmas present. A present fit for fun-loving nine year old boys!)

As I go through this small, difficult obstacle in my own life, I’m choosing to focus on my thankfulness. I am blessed and loved.

There is so much to be thankful for; so much to smile about. I don’t want to be the one who spreads negativity due to my own frustrations. I’m afraid I’ve already done enough of that. I need to focus on the joy that I do have, carry it on my sleeve, and pass it around to those who see me. 

Children of Hope Foundation


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