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365 Photo Challenge// Day 16: Light

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Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.

Herbert Hoover


Pondering politics these days. With gun control on the lips of every media outlet, and internal wars batting human beings against each other, I’m at a loss for the answer of right and wrong.

It is all wrong:

The focus on controlling guns, the fight to keep our right to own guns, the media’s obsessive desire to wring the necks of every hurting citizen, politician and businessman, until they satiate their desire for “the story.”

We try to win battles with orders, control, and fights. That is nothing but  a constant loss.

Can we not grieve for our lost ones, support those who need help, and show love to the hurting?

We don’t understand mental illnesses. That’s probably why some people think restricting and controlling weapons will solve a problem. We don’t understand underlying issues. Why are we still continuing to ostrasize those who are different than us? Why can we not accept what we don’t understand?

Our mental state, our family history, the environment we grow up in are all factors of how our future will turn out. As parents, teachers, friends, communities, we should have a certain degree of responsibility to recognize and address psychological issues with peers, but so often, we don’t understand, so we deny and do nothing.

My only experience in this is from working at a day care. There was one instance when the behavior of a child was such an obvious mixture of pyschological turmoil and frustration, the parent had to be told. In tears, they agreed their child ‘acted out’, was ‘crazy’ and ‘angry’. They scheduled a visit to the doctor, but on a follow-up, admitted they skipped the doctor’s office. They informed me they were hoping it was a phase and decided the child didn’t need to see a doctor. A phase? That word is used far too much among parents. What if it isn’t? Why don’t we seek out a better understanding of our children before chalking it up to our own diagnosis? Finding certain issues at a younger age, understanding the issue, and helping the child cope with their issue could potentially save them from a hopeless future.

Like I said, I don’t have much experience except learning from children at a daycare, and a measly psychology class. I’m interested in learning more. How can we help prevent violent acts? What if catching psychological imbalance, extreme anger, and no coping skills early on in a person’s life could stop them from doing harm to themselves or others?

I realize this isn’t a cure-all, either, but I feel there is more hope by helping our people than trying to control our guns.



Author: Alyssa

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