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Etsy Shopping | Space Adventures




In college I had to design a simple slideshow, tutorial and fake quiz all about space. Even though the project was fake and the grade I received was only based on my design work and skills using the software, I really got into it. I researched planets, moons, nebulaes, stars…I fell in love with outerspace in all forms.

Naturally the aesthetics of stars and nebulaes stuck. So I like looking at all the pretty “space” products on Etsy.

1. Handmade Envelopes; Pictures of Earth from Outerspace
2. Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Mug
3. Carina Nebula Pendant
4. Space Colony Crewneck
5. Space Cats Leggings
6.Vintage Celestial Map Notepad


Author: Alyssa

I am an East Texan graphic designer living in Canterbury, Kent, UK with my husband. My favorite sport is rearranging my furniture. When I'm not writing blogs, you can find me making fun of myself on Snapchat or Twitter, or being hipster on Instagram. Coffee, vintage and The Office reruns for life. Find me elsewhere: Snapchat: lyssssabeth | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Etsy Shopping | Space Adventures

  1. Ha! Those leggings are funny-looking. And yet, I totally want a pair.

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