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Leibster Award



Thank you JB from Mrs. Dork for the fun Liebster Award nomination! I really enjoyed reading her facts and answers and I hope mine are just as fun! The Liebster Award is given to bloggers with a follower base of less than 200, to help grow others’  blog readerships and to learn about each other! I have found many lovely blogs from lists of Liebster Award winners, so it’s quite effective! The premise is to give 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions and then give 11 questions that your nominees will hopefully answer. Then, nominate up and coming blogs you love!


1. I have a ridiculous love of hot sauce. All of my food could be spicy, and I would be quite satisfied.
2. I go through my tiny apartment monthly to purge! I visit Goodwill so much. I feel great getting rid of excess, but the fact I go SO often really shows how much STUFF we have.
3. My  wedding ring isn’t diamond. *GASP* I chose it myself, and my husband had no say in the matter. (He’s been blamed before. Nope. It was my idea.) The style of ring I wanted was way out of our price range, so once I found this very nice knock-off, I didn’t look back. It’s no cheap, $10 thing, but I feel so much better about the price AND I got exactly what I wanted. In the future I may want a change. It may be diamond or it may not be. Diamonds are very beautiful, but I feel like what I chose is so much more “me.”


4. I am very hopeful about my future. I enjoy my job and I know it can only grow from there. Being in East Texas, it’s not surprising that my job is in the oilfield business. But the creativity I get to express and the business models I’m learning from my boss have been so valuable to me. I love the graphic and web designing aspect and I’m learning about the new managerial aspects I’ve just been promoted to. I have a lot to learn. Check out the websites I oversee the design and development for at Urquhartt, LLC.
5. I’m addicted to coffee and Dr. Pepper.
6. I’m a quiet, introverted soul. I love just being; listening, breathing.
7. I love cardigans.
8. I am clueless about our immediate future. That’s exciting. Where we live is based on where my husband either 1. finds a job or 2. goes to school for his doctorate. We will be moving no matter what at the end of the summer (at the latest). Then, we’ll be moving again in a year when Taylor goes back to school. Honestly, I’m excited for the unknown. I trust our little family and I know whatever happens in the future will be a fun adventure. I’m so proud of Taylor for all he does for our family and for himself. He has so much talent and passion for what he does and I will always support him so that he can fulfill the potential I know he has.
9. I almost only watch old 90’s reruns. I watch Seinfeld and Frasier every single day!
10. I have 20/14 vision
11. The only food I can successfully cook involve breakfast, baked potatoes, or mexican!


1. Who is the number one person you would like to meet? – I have never really fantasized about meeting someone famous or influential. (I’m too practical and know how I would act if such an occasion would arise. Lame.) I think my most practical answer would be to meet some of the influential bloggers out there to whom I really aspire. I know there are blogger meet-ups, which I’d love to attend in the future!

2. What is the most used app on your phone? Or, what website do you frequent the most? –  I have several apps I use quite often (most of which I’m taking a break from now, like Facebook, Instagram…etc.) I think the most used app would be the mint.com app. It helps me keep track of my bank transactions, incoming money, and goals, like student loan payments!

3. Samoas or thin mints? – Thin Mints!

4. Do you collect anything? If so, what? – I love collecting vintage items! Cameras, art, salt and pepper shakers, and furniture! I keep it under control, though, and make sure to donate excess before I buy more!


5. You just won a million dollars! Congratulations. What is the first thing you buy? – YIKES. I’m way too practical for these big dreams, it’s ridiculous. For the sake of being FUN while still staying true to my practical self, I may start slowly buying something fun from my Pinterest boards!

6. How would you describe your perfect morning? – Waking up early, drinking coffee outside, due to a bright and warm morning and eating egg and toast!

7. Finish the sentence. I can’t live without… – I can’t live without love. And I’m blessed to have so much given to me.

8. What makes you smile? – Comedy! I love humor in almost all forms! My husband and I are constantly laughing. I also have those special friends and family members who can really bring a smile to my face through unabashed hilarity.

9. What do you wear if you have nothing to do and nowhere to go? – Oh, fun question. I am a sweatpants girl!

10. Favorite royal? – Sleeping Beauty always intrigued me!

11. What is the best thing that’s ever happened to you? – Wow, there are too many blessings! I am grateful for in my life, the people in it and the opportunities I have been given.


1. If you were a super hero what powers would you have?
2. and what would your hero name be?
3. and what outfit would you wear?
4. What talents do you have?
5. Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone?
6. What would be your best achievement to date?
7. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
8. Whats the last thing you took a picture of?
9. In the event of an apocalypse (think zombie outbreak…) what would be your survival skill?
10. Who was better, the Beatles or Elvis Presley?
11. Do you keep a diary/journal?


I’d like to nominate these lovely blogs for their own Liebster Award! I feel some may have already been nominated, but these are the current blogs I always check, so I wanted to show them some love. If you’re looking for more blog friends, these few are a good start!

1. What She Would’ve Worn
2. Coffee, Light & Sweet
3. The Rag Trade
4. Gin & Ginger – (who was nominated twice before, she’s just great!)
5. Slingbacks and Scandal
6. Making Little Adventures
7. Charlie Cecile
8. Liz Makes
9. Positively Bri
10. Ending Up Here

Author: Alyssa

I am an East Texan graphic designer living in Canterbury, Kent, UK with my husband. My favorite sport is rearranging my furniture. When I'm not writing blogs, you can find me making fun of myself on Snapchat or Twitter, or being hipster on Instagram. Coffee, vintage and The Office reruns for life. Find me elsewhere: Snapchat: lyssssabeth | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

12 thoughts on “Leibster Award

  1. Congrats on the nomination. It’s always nice to get recognition. Your perfect morning sounds perfect, maybe I need to start waking up earlier to make room for such quiet time! I am also taking a break from Facebook (in general) and have found blogging a nice escape.

    Enjoyed learning more about you!

  2. Thanks for nominating me! This sounds fun 🙂

  3. You are too sweet honey! It’s people like you, and your comments, that make my day 🙂 This sounds fun and it was interesting learning some different things about you! I think I shall have to give it a try, thank you so much for the opportunity!

  4. These are always so fun to read! I love comedy so much too! My favorite night out is to go see stand-up, in fact we’re going to see Maria Bamford tonight and I can’t wait 🙂

  5. Thank you for your lovely post, and for your awesome nomination! Once I get a little more time, I’ll be able to finish mine up. Much love!

  6. I loved your facts and answers! And I’m so jealous of your incredible artistic skills. Every one of your posts has such beautiful photos and creative graphics!

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