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The Wine Stain’s #30daysofcitylove | 15 Days In!


Ashley from The Wine Stain wanted to show her city some appreciation and invited everyone to show their own city some love as well!

We are halfway through this awesome challenge and I’ve had so much fun. This has gotten me out of my office chair and onto the streets as I travel here and there around my hometown taking pictures of some of the coolest and interesting places! I have also been using this challenge to learn more about my city’s rich historical background.

The best part of this challenge has been seeing everyone else’s awesome cities! Check out the hashtag to see some amazing sights all over the world and consider joining with your own 30 day city love challenge! It’s never too late to show some city/town/country/village appreciation!

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Yesterday's historical conspiracy theory got a bit of attention on Facebook. Marshall has a rich history full of positives & negatives and I love making them all known! Today's #30daysofcitylove is on the positive side. This is the Texas and Pacific Railroad Depot, built in 1912. The railroad, among 66 other buildings(all are now demolished), was founded in the #cityofmarshall in 1871 as one of the first railways in Texas. This building was the very first building in Texas to have electricity–a single lightbulb. Though the T&P is no longer in existence, this historical building serves as a station for Amtrak and a historical museum that only costs $1 or so to visit! #30daysofcitylove #myetx @myetx #marshalltx

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