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My Favorite British Shows & Unblocking Netflix!

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I have discovered a super easy way to switch from UK to US Netflix! Why would I want to do that? Because so many US things are blocked! I can now watch The Walking Dead, Parks and Rec, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Frasier…I mean all the shows I did or didn’t know I missed, I now have easy access to! I thought I’d share the link for Chrome users to anyone interested in unblocking sites for themselves. It can be used to unblock shows from many countries so my next step is to attempt to learn French by watching French children’s cartoons. But, I thought I’d share some of my favorite (mainly) British Netflix shows! Of course, Sherlock and Doctor Who are obvious favorites, so I thought I’d try making a more obscure list.

Unblock shows by adding this: Chrome Extension

+ Sitcom
The IT Crowd – Rating 12 years+ US & UK Netflix
This silly sitcom is based in a London IT department. It’s full of easy laughs and incredibly cheesy/geeky humor. There was supposed to be a U.S. version, but it was cancelled. The U.S. pilot can be watched here.

Little Britain – Rating 17+ UK Netflix

Little Britain is quite crass, but there are some hilarious moments. It follows a few English ‘stereotypes’ and pokes fun of itself quite often. It’s ridiculous at times, but the show sucks you in! HBO has created Little Britain USA, which is even more crass and less funny, but the same characters are on there so the general humor is the same.

+ Humor/Life

Extras – Rating 15+ UK Netflix
This show, like many British shows I seem to be drawn to, has a quiet, subdued humor. Extras is produced by Ricky Gervais, and each episode features a celebrity who essentially make a fool of themselves. Such actors include Kate Winslet, Sir Ian Mckellan (Yes, he does say ‘You shall not pass!) and Daniel Radcliffe.

Outnumbered – Rating 13+ UK Netflix

Outnumbered portrays the everyday life of a British family. The show is about nothing, essentially,and is even semi-unscripted, but is funny and sweet. The parents on the show are a mess of everyday contradictions and their children are hilarious albeit a bit too smart and sinister for their ages. My favorite character is the little girl who always has something shocking (yet totally rational) to say.

The Royle Family -Rating 15+ UK Netflix

This is probably the most ‘everyday living’ show on this list. It’s about a family whose main priority is watching TV. Many of the opening scenes start out the same with the mom asking various people if they’ve ‘had their tea’ (dinner). There are some funny and sweet moments, but it’s really hard to pinpoint what really keeps me watching. If any show can teach me some quintessential British phrases, this one is at the top of the list. With their thick cockney (and Scottish) accents, it takes a bit for this Texan to muddle through their conversations.

Derek – Rating 13+ US Netflix

Yes, Ricky Gervais is on this list a lot. This show is US only, but it’s so great. It holds the same tone as many of Gervais’ shows, with a quiet, everyday life feel to it. Ricky plays ‘Derek’ who is a sweet, caring and funny man who works at a nursing home. This show will have you in tears! It’s still funny, but it also has a deeper meaning about life and people.

+ Documentaries

An Idiot Abroad – Rating 15+ – US Netflix
An Idiot Abroad is a documentary about a man (Karl Pilkington) who hates travelling. His friends, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send him to several places around the world and has him experience different cultures. The show is based around Karl’s complaints and grumpy attitude, which puts a funny spin on travelling documentaries.

+ Movies/Documentaries

The Dark Matter of Love – Rating 13+ US & UK Netflix
This documentary is a compelling story of a family who adopts three children from Russia. It focuses on the trials of adopting orphans and the emotional stunting/regrowth of  parent and child relationships. I thought this documentary was very interesting as it dives into the psychological subconscious of trust and emotion as well shows a family learning to grow together.




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