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Creating Home Movies | #TexansAbroad

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I took a break from writing assignments this week to focus on work and video editing. I’ve been doing a lot of editing. Most of my videos are for work, but I finally got around to editing some of our ‘home movies’. I hope to make one of these short videos every time we travel somewhere new!

Creating these home videos has been an interesting process; seeing how the flow of a movie turns out. I’m not a pro at all, and don’t have a great quality camera, so I wanted my videos to have that imperfect quality about them. Of course, I do hope to get better with my edits, but I accidentally created a messy style and fell in love. I thought I’d write about it to explain my viewpoint.

I love how the beginning clips start with the actual audio from the video. It eventually fades into music, but I think I set a certain tone to the entire movie by opening with original audio.

Another ‘trick’ at the beginning is doing something ‘imperfect’. For instance, my video in Scotland starts with me uncovering the lens. I forgot to open the lens cover before I started recording. The other is me zooming into a shot of the river and you can hear that metallic zooming noise. I actually really love this.

All throughout the videos the footage is shaky with several moments of spinning or quickly moving the camera down. That wasn’t intentional, it was just me walking or moving the camera right before I turned it off. But, I use those moments to transition scenes which gives it a cool effect.

I hope to get at least a couple of shots of us in each video. I think it adds personalization.

The music has been the greatest discovery.. While searching for free music to use in the background, I stumbled across so much awesome video game inspired music. I think it would be a cool little ‘easter egg’ (to use video game lingo) to use music in each video that was inspired by video game music. I’m really excited about this! Each song will be given credit and a link to the artist so that their work can be shared with others. My husband was really happy when I used Chrono Trigger inspired music in the Scotland home movie.

And because I’m talking about traveling movies, I made this video while we were road tripping through the southern states of the US August 2014. We visited so many places and most of the footage was of us driving, so I decided to make the movie more about the journey rather than the destination.

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