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Baby Weaver Pregnancy Update!


What a whirlwind this second trimester has been. Every week has been so different. Just in the past couple of days my body and baby have gone through some major changes as it prepares to roll into the third and final trimester. I wanted to give a recap of the last three months before I really begin to prepare for the final stages.

18 Weeks


Where We Left Off
My first update ended at 17 weeks pregnant. That seems so long ago that I’m not even sure I will remember everything from then. You can find that initial pregnancy update by clicking here.

The second trimester–health wise–truly has been mostly smooth sailing. Of course, there were bumps in the journey, but until a couple weeks ago, there hasn’t been too much to worry about. I’ve been very grateful for such an easy journey!

Pregnancy Symptoms
During my first trimester I felt so exhausted that I could barely function. While I have gained back SO much more energy, I never quite felt fully re-energized. We walk everywhere we go, and a simple ten minute walk from our house to the city centre tires me out. Every few weeks I’ll have a list of items I’d like to shop for. I don’t buy a lot, so this is usually just a way for me to get out of the house and roam around for a while. It only takes about an hour and half for me to be too tired to continue, and my back usually starts hurting so much that I end up not even buying anything. Online shopping has definitely become a reality for me.

20 Weeks

In my last post I mentioned I was really craving Hot Cheetos, which you can’t find in the UK. Well, you heard my cries and did not fail to deliver! It started when a sweet friend from Ireland told me her parents would be visiting America. They brought me the largest bag of Hot Cheetos I’ve ever seen! I was so grateful for their kindness. Then, unexpectedly a coworker from Texas surprised me with a huge care package of baby products and FIVE bags of Hot Cheetos, along with some sour candy. And just when I had finished those snacks, my mom sent another surprise package full of Hot Cheetos! I couldn’t believe the generosity! But all good things, must come to an end. And sometimes that end must be self-imposed. I finally put myself on a strict no Hot-Cheeto diet as I had completely let my cravings take control!
Snapchat-935998975Another surprising pregnancy craving that popped up during this time has been milk! I don’t like or drink milk normally, but it really seemed like my body needed it. Every morning I will steam milk with vanilla extract and cinnamon, pour it into a blender, and add it to my hot tea. For the longest time, I also made myself tall glasses of cold chocolate milk every single day.


22 Weeks – 6 Months!

The weirdest pregnancy craving combination came about when Taylor made a huge pot of spaghetti. One day for lunch, I found myself eating leftover spaghetti while drinking chocolate milk and it was the best thing in the world. I ended up doing that for the rest of the week! We haven’t had spaghetti since then (a week’s worth of spaghetti is definitely something we don’t do often), but suddenly that sounds good to me again….I learned other pregnant women also had this same craving combo!


The Good, The Bad…
The most prevalent symptom has been the need for chewable indigestion tablets. The brand that has worked best for me is called Gaviscon. There are so many changes and shifts in my organs, that I’ve dealt with a plethora of little aches and pains, including mild heartburn and back pain.

Several weeks ago my back pain was becoming so bad at night, that I just popped two paracetemol pain relief tablets and bundled up with as many pillows as I could. It only took about a week of that before Taylor surprised me with a large pregnancy pillow! It doesn’t work for me every night, but most nights it adds so much extra support and comfort.

The Ugly

Before I change topics, I wanted to briefly touch base on a more recent pregnancy moment. A couple weeks ago I had my first bad week. I think most of us have weeks like this, but I generally keep a very positive attitude, and even when I have bad moments in my day, I can look on the bright side and not let the small negative moments ruin my entire outlook. This particular week, however, was an instant avalanche that I continued to let take over my life. It started on Monday with wearing a wrong outfit. I didn’t see it as a big deal, but my clothes were fitting strangely on me, enough for me to notice. We then had a few non-pregnancy related issues happen that same week. Monday, a trip we wanted to take fell through. Tuesday, our electricity went out in the middle of Taylor cooking dinner. We sat in a cold, dark house for six hours (finally ordering a pizza around 10 pm), while a few people from the electric company came out. I think the last electrician arrived around 1 am.


The next day our cat started showing symptoms of sickness and we had to make an emergency trip to the vet. (By the way, we are three vet trips in by now, starting week three of dealing with this, and the poor cat’s still sick)


25 Weeks

As well as these major complications through the week, I found myself struggling to find clothes to wear on Tuesday AND Wednesday. By then, I realized the dilemma—I’m getting too big for my clothes! The emotional feeling is difficult to explain. I wasn’t sad or worried about gaining weight. I still like how my body looks, and I like how I look pregnant. But I had to come to grips with the emotional connection I had to my clothes that I didn’t even know I had! I think my stumbling block is the TYPE of clothes that aren’t fitting. 90% of my daily wardrobe is stretchy. I work from home, and always want to be comfortable, so I wear leggings, t-shirts, stretchy dresses, t-shirt dresses. I don’t deviate from that much, except for my love of oversized sweaters. Ever since the beginning of this pregnancy I felt fully confident that I would be able to wear most of my wardrobe throughout the entirety of my pregnancy and only need to buy a couple maternity pieces. But here I was, 25 weeks pregnant and a men’s t-shirt didn’t look good. And those oversized sweaters? Looked even weirder.


25 Weeks in Maternity Clothes!

It lowered my mood so much that by Thursday I didn’t even feel like myself. Taylor and I went to my 25 week midwife appointment and I fought back tears the entire way there, as he tried to cheer me up. When we arrived, I realized I had forgotten all of my medical information, which is vital to bringing to the midwife. Before my appointment I was just hiding in the bathroom trying to stop the tears! Everything ended up ok, of course. I couldn’t help but bring up my mood to the midwife and she took it very seriously. She explained that these moods were likely brought on by hormonal changes, and were probably temporary, but she wanted me to keep track of them just in case. Her care and concern instantly helped me feel a little better. I haven’t felt so negatively since then, but I’m glad to have her on my side if anything like that happens again.

Something else that helped me come to grips with my sudden change in size was the surprise box of maternity clothes my mom sent me! That package couldn’t have come at a better time, and now I have a few pieces of maternity clothing that are so comfortable and pretty! It really helped me, emotionally.

What We’ve All Been Waiting For

I have a bit more to talk about, but this is quite long, so maybe I can make a separate post. But there’s probably one obvious thing I haven’t mentioned yet that a blog update definitely needs! Is Baby Weaver a boy or a girl?!


We have known for quite a while now what the gender was, but we kept the information close as we coordinated with announcements, telling parents, and finding a good day to share the news. The cat’s finally out of the bag! Sharing news with family is a bit more complicated since we live so far away. In fact, I wanted to clarify that because we live in a totally different country from all our family and American friends, we chose to be a bit more public with the pregnancy details than I think we would’ve been otherwise. I don’t think I would want to blog so many details if we lived in America, nor share as much information on Facebook. (Although I still keep it to a minimum on there) Some family, we called with the exciting news. For others I made a sweet little video with donuts. For the rest of the world, we dressed up in 1950’s outfits, complete with martini glasses, cigarettes and a pipe! We announced a couple days before Halloween. We’re thrilled that we’re having a boy!2We’re so happy about having a boy. Our next big hurdle is figuring out a name. We’ve been working for months on this, and unfortunately we’re at a standstill, with a short list of favorite names, but not able to fully commit.

davI’m just a couple days away from the third trimester. Our baby boy has had a huge growth spurt the last couple of days, and has been moving and kicking so differently than before. It’s getting more real! There is so much left to say, but I’ll end it here with a few random photos.


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  1. I love reading all the details!! You look beautiful and I meant to apologize to Taylor for not sending him anything! Special requests for the holidays?

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