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Missouri Streets


We got tired of spending money in Branson, Missouri and decided to drive an hour to Springfield, Missouri where Elsie, Emma, and Katie from A Beautiful Mess live. We visited several restaurants they recommended. It was a fun city. There must be ten colleges in the area so there was a great night life. All the shops were closed though. Boo.
springfield2 springfield3

We walked by Elsie and Emma’s thrift store, Red Velvet. springfield4

We saw Elsie’s husband, Jeremy, here. He makes great music with the band Sucre. #starstruck and stuff. springfield5 springfield6

Pappo’s Pizza and beer downtown was delicious!


Let’s Be Tourists


Branson, Missouri is nothing but a tourist town. It has completely changed from my memories of it as a child, and now it was a little too flashy for us. But, we stayed here for two days and visited all the non-country jubilee attractions. These photos are from the Titanic museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, World’s Largest Toy Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. We also visited a mirror maze and ate awesome seafood. I never felt more like a tourist than on this day. It was fun though!

Shredded Money Pterodactyl | Husband in a Diver’s Helmet | Titanic | Fanciful Machines (Vacuum Cleaner) | Banana Coffin | World’s Tallest Man
IMG_5682 toysClassic Star Trek Phaser | Vintage Robots | Chuck Norris Doll | Batman and Robin | Machine that sprays perfume on you for 10 cents

IMG_5699 IMG_5705 IMG_5714



Mountain Air


We celebrated two years of marriage this week. We decided to get away and it turned out to be completely needed. The first day was spent driving along a scenic route, stopping at nature trails and eating lunch on top of a mountain. mountain2 mountain3 mountain4 mountain5

When I logged into my blog I gained quite a bit of clarity on why I stopped posting blog posts these past few weeks. Vacations tend to help with those types of realizations. Burnt out from responsibility, work, life. Tired of petty clashes and worn out from the weight of making decisions. That’s what my life had become. It was nice to reset.
mountain6 mountain7

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Homemade Roasted Tomato & Goat Cheese Pizza


Taylor is the big cook in the family. He’s made homemade pizza before. But what do I do when I’m alone for a couple hours? I guess decide to play with yeast, despite me being a terrible cook.pizza_detailsI found all these weird ingredients in our fridge that Taylor bought and decided to throw them in the mix.


The after picture turned out blurry, but I was completely happy with the end result.



Lady’s Adventures in Onederland

The little Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland themed party came off without too much of a hitch today! It was an enjoyable time, and I loved the little details. Adelaide looked adorable in her Alice costume. Because I’ve been so focused on moving, we ended up dropping the ball on the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum outfits. But, all in all it was a fun time for little Lady’s first birthday. I helped out (barely) by making some fun playing card hats for people to wear. 

IMG_5391 IMG_5411 IMG_5415 IMG_5421 IMG_5430 IMG_5434 IMG_5459 IMG_5472 IMG_5502

Check out the invitation I designer for the cutie!frontback





Given last week’s events, I was struck with the necessity of appreciating the small moments in my life. My heart was constantly being wrenched to learn of the current events, each more sad than the last. I am always awakened to the important of holding tight to the ones we love, living in each moment, and forgiving those who wrong us. Forgiveness is key. It’s the way to move on and not give up on humanity. We’re not terrible. Broken, perhaps. Closed-minded, maybe. We’re a whole lot of oblivious. But we’re not evil.

My life lately…

Dinner with my mom, aunt and cousins at our apartment for the first time// this gorgeous stray dog who has become the neighborhood pet//this Dungeons and Dragons meme cake (clearly my husband baked the cake. I just provided the geekiness)//my mom gave me a pair of jeggings and they are changing my life. I know a lot of people are anti-leggings out there. I’m sorry, I’m just too lazy for real pants. Jeggings is like the best of both worlds for me// sushi dinner with my lovely sister and cousin//the beginnings of a succulent garden// Saturday night home movies and coffee.

We also ate Sunday lunch with Tay’s old roommates and went to the theatre to see Oblivion with Tom Cruise, which was so fun to watch.


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Blueberry Biscuits & Some Coffee

biscuit coffeeicedcoffeegif Last night my husband made blueberry biscuits and they were absolutely delicious. Also, I’m still enjoying my iced coffee so so much. Remember the blog post regarding that coffee recipe? I made a gif with the leftover photos just for the heck of it. I know, I know. Sheer talent.