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Life is good. There are many many questions unanswered. BUT. Life is good.

Last week Taylor graduated from the master’s program. You can see I thought it best to match his robe. (rabbit print shirts-yay!) I’m very proud of his accomplishments thus far.

Also, I am now the owner of a motorcycle jacket and helmet! We took our first official ride together last weekend and I am now hooked. Although when he orders a windshield and a back rest for my seat it’ll be a less strenuous experience.

I threw in that picture of kittens because…well… they’re kittens. They live at my cousin’s house and I’m so sad I can’t take even one of them.


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Blueberry Biscuits & Some Coffee

biscuit coffeeicedcoffeegif Last night my husband made blueberry biscuits and they were absolutely delicious. Also, I’m still enjoying my iced coffee so so much. Remember the blog post regarding that coffee recipe? I made a gif with the leftover photos just for the heck of it. I know, I know. Sheer talent.


Ingredients | Breakfast Burrito

breakfastRunning low on groceries and imagination, me and my husband decided to just throw a bunch of ingredients in with our eggs.

We ended up using eggs, tuna, turkey, mixed green lettuce and cheese. And of course topped off with salsa and sour cream.

Surprisingly, it was delicious. (The tuna had me second-guessing for awhile).

Is there such a thing as eating too many eggs? I could eat breakfast for dinner every night and be perfectly fine.

ingredients ingredients2

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Day 9 of the 365 challenge: Guilty Pleasure


I had such a wonderful birthday weekend. Friday, my coworkers gave me all sorts of delicious snacks and a desk full of balloons. Then I spent the night eating dinner with family and watching movies with my sister and cousin. After a relaxing, blessed weekend, I went a little crazy and cut my bangs…my hairstylist sister is going to kill me.

He told me not to post a photo, but my husband made this delicious bundt cake. I picked out the flavors which is why it’s a strange combination; french vanilla with coconut pecan icing. I, personally, think it looks just as delicious as it tastes and deserves to go in the My Husband Can Bake category.

Today is filled with a wonderful church service, relaxtion and The Walking Dead premiere tonight!