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Teach Me How to Spring & Summer?


It wasn’t until a couple weeks of rain and this particular outfit choice that I realized that I’m not as ready for spring as I thought.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love the sun, the flowers, the fresh air. I want it all. I just don’t know how to dress for spring. I love boots, leggings, scarves, cardigans. Can someone teach me how to dress for the other seasons? I need dresses, and flowy shirts, and proper shoes. Don’t even get me started on summertime outfits.

In the meantime, I’m almost relieved that it has been rainy here so that I don’t have to go so far from my”Fall/Winter” collection.



Lazy Girl’s Shirt D.I.Y.


I don’t necessarily recommend this method for re-purposing shirts, but it works for me because my sewing machine skills were left back in high school with that one home-ec class I took. I enjoy hand-stitching but…what can I say, I’m lazy.

All I did to repurpose this vintage shirt is cut the sleeves and glue the hem with liquid stitch. Instant shirt to wear for spring.

step1liquidstictchcutstep4 gluestep8


February Love


I don’t shop often, but Valentine’s presents are a favorite of mine.  I couldn’t help but do some window shopping

Heart Sweater | Red Heart Flats | Men’s Heart Socks | Red Stripe Tie | Zombie Valentine’s Cards | Pixelated Heart Cup

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Finishing Up a Chapter

Sometimes you have a wonderful story to tell. You think long and hard about the story process—how the beginning shall begin, how the middle will raise expectations and excite the minds, and how the end will pull the whole thing together into a beautiful, inspiring conclusion.

And sometimes you have a week like this:

-Three final projects due by tomorrow
-Aton of cleaning
-A ton of packing
-A ton of moving
-A ton of responsibilities that have been put off

So. Oh, also, I’m tired. Sleep deprived. But, since I can’t work on my projects because I’m at work, I’ve decided to take a little break and do some online shopping for SUMMER CLOTHING:

I love this tunic. Forever21 $8.80

A simple, lovely tank. Not too tight or short. Forever21 $7.90

An awesome romper. I’m wary to buy rompers, because I have a longer torso, but this one is stretchy! Forever21 $9.80


You can buy this shirt, sure, but it appeals to my D.I.Y. nature(and I could make it for cheaper!) Forever21 $13.80

Ok. This slashed tee is a bit much. But I do like the idea. Definitely going to D.I.Y. it Forever21 $11.80

Oh and to explain the list—I’m moving out of the campus apartments. I’m moving in with my Mamaw and finishing out the last semester of college there. Once I move in there, I’m really not sure at all what my plans are. I hope to find a summer job, save up some money, start planning my wedding, and graduate college. After graduation…whew. More scariness. I hope to dive straight into my work field–searching for a job that can start my career in design. That…is very scary.

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Pointless Outfit Post

And here are my Goodwill boots! I’ve already gotten compliments on them! 🙂 The one thing I don’t particularly like is the heels make very loud noises when walking. Of course, knowing that everyone is about to hear me and look at me makes me more aware of how I’m carrying myself. I like these boots. They make me feel edgy and awesome. No fear in saying that, either since we all really just want to be confident. ❤130525

Alsoo…To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. TWLOHA is having a facebook event and invited everyone to write ‘love’ on their arm. No sense in not joining in. ❤



Pointless Outfit Post


I love this outfit. I didn’t wear it today but everytime I was home I put on this huge sweatshirt—it’s so comfortable! I’m wearing it now! haha If it’s still rainy tomorrow I may throw it on. I love it. Instead I wore this most of the day….


This outfit sort of happened by accident. I also bought this red cardigan the same day I bought the sweatshirt. I love it. 🙂

I woke up to rain, rain rain today. Class and work was cancelled because the campus hardly had any electricity and no internet. So I didn’t do all that much. Went to lunch with my mom and her coworker—-her office had to stay even though they couldn’t get work done.

And now you should take a moment and look here: ilovelocalcommercials.com


“Big” City Shopping


It’s true. Tay and I don’t see outside of our surrounding area, ever.

When we plan a trip to Longview we plan a trip. Over the span of weeks upon weeks we’ll sort of pile up all of these places in Longview we need to go to and make a sort of mental list. And we’ve made it into a date night before, as well. “A date and errands all in one.” 😉

So, yes, I was a little excited about our trip to  the “big” city (ha ha) of Shreveport to go thrifting with Tay, Zach and Josh (yes all guys…they planned the trip and I tagged along, I think). The guys were looking for slacks, which unfortunately no one found. However it was a fun day. Zach drove us around Shreveport going to the bargain stores. It was a successful day, indeed.

I found a black cardigan, a black and white flannel, a great red leather bag, and some Harajuku Lovers hi-tops!

All great finds, and even though I feel 12 in those harajuku shoes I like to think of myself as “fun and attractive”. ;D (How a website described them) Plus, I’ve loved and played around with the idea of buying Harajuku Lovers shoes before so finding them for $14 with minimal wear and tear was just the right incentive to go for it. (And it was just an accident that they’re green and gold—my high school colors. And that they have cheerleaders on them. Please, people don’t think I’m a supporter. (haha just kidding))

Tay found some really great clothes and shoes, too, that don’t make him look 12. In fact, quite the opposite affect.

In other news: Monday I’m sending in a resume and design portfolio to Encore Printing. A design company. Kind of nervous. But excited to show someone my work. It’s a stepping stone. Thank you, Jesus, for this opportunity. A small but important stepping stone.

Oh P.S. We went to Starbucks in Shreveport and I ordered my usual(you would’ve thought I learned the last time it happened) and it was gross AGAIN. I just prefer Joe Buck’s.

9.26.09-Shreveport 0489.26.09-Shreveport 0449.26.09-Shreveport 0279.26.09-Shreveport 016

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Pointless Outfit Post

This morning I am quick to admit I waste a lot of energy making these pointless outfit posts. But. I’m going to continue doing them.

The reasons:

-I enjoy seeing other people’s fashion posts. Right now my style blogger inspirations are …love maegan and Where Did U Get That. Of course, both of these women live in L.A. and New York so they’re right on top of the American fashion world. I visit their sites once a day, at least.

-The better part of my life is consumed with uninspiring outfits. So if I take the time out of my day to post what I’m wearing to the world then I’ll think a tad bit harder about what to wear.

-I post these outfits so I won’t forget about them. Like the last reason, I have a ton of moments where I am just uninspired. So to post GOOD outfits means I can just refer back to them if I need some inspiration.

Ok, so now that I’ve determined that my Pointless Outfit Posts are, indeed, not so pointless—ok, maybe pointless for you, but not for me—I can continue posting outfit posts without feeling dumb. And yes, maybe they are pointless for you BUT if you see a particularly dreadful outfit why don’t you let me know so that I don’t wear it again. 😉 Thanks.

quick shot before people saw me!
quick shot before people saw me!

083304I could not get a good shot today. Mainly because I was being a bit more daring and trying to get a full body shot. I think with practice I’ll get a little more comfortable posing in here. It’s actually a really private office except the open door! (And the full wall of windows, but I actually never think about those, for some reason)

I do like my look today. A slouchy black dress over a gray tank/leggings. And green long cardigan. This cardigan may even be my cousin, Katy’s. I took it after a yard sale I put on in May and I know she contributed a lot of clothes. Still not a good shot of my boots, but better. These pics do this outfit no justice. Oh well.

Have a great Thursday

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Silly Thoughts

I’m silly.

The rain isn’t going away, but the sun and blue skies are definitely giving the rain a run for their money. And it’s making me sad that there’s a very bright sun out there right now and the clouds—aren’t gone but—are white/light gray. It’s because I wholeheartedly accepted this rain and gray and cold. I really did. And I’m only a little, tiny, tad bit embarrassed to say it’s mainly because I am ready for FALL CLOTHES. =) It’s almost hot enough out there right now to make me take off my cardigan. Sigh. I’m a mess, I know. 😉

Short post…class at 1! Here’s a really bad quality-bad lighting webcam shot of today’s outfit. Of course, I’m sporting my tall boots and leather jacket as well. 😉

Sun, Sun go away…I love you–I do–just not today! 🙂