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Sending Prayers to Boston


Ways you can send smiles Boston’s way:

The Boston Children’s Hospital Amazon Wishlist

Donate to  The Friends of Boston’s Homeless Shelter

Donate to The Salvation Army, who is providing food and counseling to those affected by the bombing

Donate to the The Red Cross, who is helping at the scene and urging displaced runners and other stranded people to register for their Safe and Well program


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I Would Still Love You


I have been getting a kick out of the cutest Valentine’s videos available on YouTube today. They’ve inspired this batch of funny and sweet Valentine’s cards. PLEASE watch the videos that go with the cards! They’re adorable.

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CLICK the image for some positivity!!!http://emergencycompliment.com/#

It’s only Wednesday, but my week has been a struggle.

There are moments in life, I’ve come to realize, that define your character to the rest of the world. Your outlook will affect your mood, personal life, and the decisions you make.

I’m striving to change my outlook. To my credit, I would say I’m mostly a positive person, but do I outwardly show that to everyone I know? And what about inwardly? Do my thoughts toward people and situations show care and concern? It should. It matters. That’s what I’ll be striving to improve in myself.

Now back to this week. Yes, it’s been tough, but I’ve learned from it. The most important lesson I’ve learned is that no matter how positive you are or how nice you are, it still may not be enough. But as long as you’re honest, with no malice in your heart (in public and in your own thoughts), then you can feel okay about yourself at the end of the day.

Did you click the image above? You should, it’s cute.


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Ever Since I Heard That Song…// Valentine’s Printable


Here’s another Valentine’s printable for you! Once again channeling The Office.

Don’t you miss Michael Scott’s ridiculousness on the new seasons? I’m forever a fan, but I think we all know the older seasons are the best.

Click below then right-click> Save As if you want this Valentine!

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The Perfect Valentine Would Be…// Printable


My husband and I are major fans of the fake reality show, The Office. We have a strange sense of humor and this show is so awkward and hilarious! We watch past seasons constantly.

Also, this is my birthday week, guys, so I wanted to celebrate with laughter and awkward stuff.

I want to share a few valentine’s cards with the blog. If you like The Office, too, then I think the quotes I’ve chosen will be funny to you, as well! So here’s the first one!

You can click the button below, then click the name of the image on the next page. That will download the image to your computer. I made the card in an 81/2 X 11 format, but I like the way the smaller sizes printed out, too. 🙂







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