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It Won’t Be the “Favorite” Present

Having been inspired by old fashioned journaling–the beauty of a memory in a tangible, paper form–by: A Beautiful Mess journals and Every Single Etsy Journal, I knew this would be on my to-do list, to-buy list, to-make-sure-and-journal-more list.

Also, on an unrelated note, it’s Chistmas time. I have siblings and cousins galore. Since I’m a tiny bit “anti-toy” (I know, I’m horrible) I was thinking along the lines of ‘art’ and ‘science’ for the kids of the families.

Now, to relate the two statements:

I know gifting kids art and science that I’m automatically knocking myself out of the running for their “favorite” gift. I’m used to it. But my desire for them is to, eventually, in a week…month…find a spark of inspiration by running across my gift and finding a use for it. In a culture consumed with media and consumerism, I hope they can find a moment where they create their own beautiful, imaginative work of art.

SUPPLIES// Cardstock. Computer Paper. Stapler. Duct Tape. ScissorsImage
Fold pages. Staple on the inside.
Use tape or washi tape to bind middle inside pages and hide staples.Image
I personalized the inside cover.
I added a “strap” Using: Strip of cardstock, tape to back…and a slit in the front strip to slide a piece of duct tape through to “close” it.Image
I bound the outside edge with camo duct-tape to suit my littlest brother’s taste. (You can see camo duct-tape strip to close the “strap”ImageImage
Couldn’t help making a Magnet To-Do list out of an old Christmas card using the same method….