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25 Things I Want to Do While I’m 25

Happy Birthday to me! Sort of. Close enough. I’m turning 25 soon, which really doesn’t mean all that much to me. Yes, it is strange to think of myself as ’25’, but there will always be people older and younger, and I’ve always been okay with that. I don’t feel like I’m getting too old and I suspect I’ll always feel that way. Why stress on the inevitable? I can only hope I can let go of my hair color and can happily prove that there are laugh–not frown– lines on my face, when the time comes.

That being said, of course I want to grow old gracefully, which really puts sitting on the couch eating a plate of nachos as I type this into perspective….

There are some personal goals, resolutions and habits that I would really like to accomplish and add to my life. I want to live the adventure, not just by having the adventures, but by having a life filled with simple joys that make a memory and betters the ‘wholeness’ of my life.

I’m already working on several of these, and I hope to cross off as many as I can!

1. Learn basic french
2. Learn more about my DSLR camera; take better photos
3. Travel around England cities
4. Visit all the countries in the UK (Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland)
5. Understand watercolor painting
6. Sketch more
7. Get back into exercise
8. Learn to ‘be’, or as the Italian say ‘asolare’; pass time in a meaningless, but delightful way
9. Go outside more just to go outside (as opposed to walking to the corner store)
10. Read some classic novels
11. Make a habit of telling people how I feel
12. Dive into the Bible
13. Try out the odd vegetables in the store
14. Help strangers more often
15. Share more about myself with friends
16. Become more involved with church
17. Make better sleep habits
18. Don’t spend money on the small things, but remember the big things we could have instead (traveling)
19. Make peace with the past and allow the lessons I learned to change my perspective of the present
20. Send more snailmail
21. Complete a photo project
22. Listen to music more often
23. Invest in things that will forever be a memory of our travels, and worth carrying around for years to come
24. Complain less
25. Continue to work on the good habits I already practice but are still fairly new (drinking water, taking vitamins, good skincare regimen)