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#TexansAbroad | Dover, England

Dover Castle Grounds

This past weekend me and Taylor took a 40 minute train ride to the coast to visit the town of Dover. Hopping off the train, we made our way through town in search of a map of Dover and breakfast.

There was nothing remarkable about the particular breakfast place we chose. It called itself The Mean Bean. It served strong coffee and cold pastries. It was rather early so the place was empty when we sat down. As we sipped our lattes and made a loose plan for our day, the coffee shop slowly began to fill up. Each and every customer greeted the owner with conversation and camaraderie. They spread themselves out amongst a few tables, but the conversation never stopped. A few patrons table-swapped to have more personal catch-ups with their friends. The place filled with laughter, British slang, and the smell of coffee. We had stumbled into a local establishment.

This was actually a major find for us. We love Canterbury so much, but between all of the universities and its only industry–tourism, you can’t just walk into any given place and be met with locals. This place was the real deal. It was wonderful and amusing and refreshing.

Dover was refreshing.

Dover, Kent Ocean

Dover still has quite the tourist draw, with its famous white cliffs, a major castle, and its lovely seaside location. But there was such a difference between it and Canterbury. We were thrilled to step away from the hustle of tourists in Canterbury to the slower paced Dover.

We had an amazing time hiking the cliffs, visiting the castle and eating like locals.

Dover, Kent white cliffs of Dover

Dover_Kent_2015 (185)

Dover_Kent_2015 (181)


A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock&Roll

boots 004boots 005I bought some cowboy boots. 🙂 I found these at Goodwill for $6.00 and they were almost perfectly what I’ve been looking for—they’re more of an ankle boot and they’re rugged. It was a very easy shoe to buy, needless to say.

I wasn’t planning on it, but today I was inspired to DIY these straps. There are two black, pleather straps from an old, old purse, and I had a black, studded belt that was too small for me so I cut it in half and, voila! Also, if I need a “plain” boot look I can just slide the straps off.

There are several inspirations for this look, but a very wonderful blogger from London–living in New York (Karen from WhereDidUGetThat) has definitely inspired me. Her shoe collection is massive yet very versatile! She can wear heels one day and studded Converse the next. This is one picture of a very small portion of her collection and you can see there are lots of shoes that I gathered the inspiration for the rugged look of my boots. =)

Karen from Where Did U Get thatkarenboot1In other news, this week has been good. 🙂 Tay and I had a good time Tuesday just sitting on the square with coffee chatting until midnight. Just enjoying each other’s company, simply, was good. 🙂


Olsens Obsession


In the past I have gushed about Mary-Kate Olsen’s crazy boho style and I also love Ashley’s sleek, polished looks, too, but when I decided to blog about my love for the Olsen twins this morning, I didn’t realize how much I actually loved them!

I grew up with their movies and Wal-Mart fashion amd makeup products. I just kind of forgot until good ol’ Wikipedia reminded me.

So, instead of starting with the now…let’s go back a few good years…

Of course, when they were babies, I was a few years away from existence, so I didn’t get into their show Full House until a couple of semesters ago. Both Ashley and Mary-Kate share the role of Michelle Turner in this cute series about a father whose wife passed away. MK&A are so cute and I especially love the episode when their “hip” Uncle Jesse dreams that there’s two of Michelle (so both twins are shown!) I wish I could find that clip!

And now we move onto their early childhood. I looved watching their “Adventures of Mary-Kate And Ashley” movies. My favorite that I can remember watching again and again is “The Case of Thorn Mansion” where they investigate a “haunted” house only to find out it was actually just the groundskeeper who kept honeybees.

As I reach my kid and pre-teen years so does my taste in movies and MK&A’s teenage years are perfect choices—full of adventures, style and boys!

Their teen movies such as:

“Passport to Paris”–(1999) a trip to Paris to visit their very rich grandfather

“Billboard Dad”–(2000) they decide to paint a full billboard-sized ad about their single dad (I’m still amazed how they sneak onto the billboard and manage to completely paint a full sized ad with just a bucket of blue paint)


“New York Minute”–(2004) the girls have opposite personalities (academic obsessed, truent rocker) and go on two crazy adventures around New York City (including truency officers, a piracy ring andmusic videos)  only to realize they should strengthen their relationship. (Sounds so real, doesn’t it? And yet….I love it)

and of course, I love their fashion sense. I can’t say I’m a fan of everything they wear—like the tons of fur, the round 60’s-esque sunglasses, and much more, but I can appreciate their general fashion sense and have finally found blogs dedicated to the twins (which makes me feel a  bit better that there are people out there who are more obsessed than I) One such blog: Olsens Anonymous where they show you all things Olsen including tons and tons of outfits.

They have a company, DualStar with two clothing lines, Elizabeth and James and their newest collection: The Row (the website is not up yet).

Anyway, just a fun post for today. I, of course, have a ton of photos I use to inspire my own outfits but I thought I’d give you all a break. 😉



Blogging at a Coffee Shop

Taylor and I at Joe Bucks

Taylor and I at Joe Bucks

me, taylor and clifton

me, taylor and clifton

Yes, We’re at Joe Bucks Coffee Shop again! Taylor and I have been addicted to the food and coffee all summer, but this week marks the end of our summer lunch dates…once fall semester starts neither one of us will have time to go! 😦

It’s been fun though, hanging out almost every single day, getting to see our friend Clifton, plus just knowing all the workers there! haha…I love saying “i’ll take my usual’. I know…a small, but still great, reward for investing way too much money in this place!

Unfortunately, today I BROKE a coffee cup…ugh…very awkward, but they were nice about it. I was moving my laptop back so I could eat and I pushed the coffee cup full of sugar packets onto the floor. Sigh. Oh well…

I feel better now that I’m frequently posting blogs…I’m sure they’ll get more and more interesting…haha! And this one particular blog is basically pointless…I just wanted to post some photos of Taylor and me.


Ebay Addict

This week I started my job at TSTC! I’m very excited and nervous all rolled into one!

It’s funny, because I’m the student in charge of planning and organizing weekly activities for the students on campus and yet I am such an introvert and hardly ever leave my dorm! But I will give myself some credit…I’m not neccessarily bad at making friends or talking to people most of the time, I just prefer not to hang out with people all the time. It’s exhausting to my quiet personality to be with large groups of people for long periods of time. But I am happy about my job. I am going to organize the first event which is Bingo night next week. I hope people show up, though!

Monday was my last day at Porky’s. I was scheduled to work in the back and to end my short-lived porkys career as the ever trusty dish washer. But a girl called in and there was no one with “more experience” to take her spot in the kitchen so I fried fish instead of washed dishes. The entire time I was back there the owner could not seem to believe the other workers that I was doing fine, but that added to the fun of my day! She didn’t give me a chance to prove to her that I’m half way decent at doing other jobs besides dish washer the whole time I worked there, and I prove her completely wrong and succeed in cooking without a hitch on my very last day of working for her. Sort of ‘sticking it to the man’ in my own sort of way. I do appreciate that job, though! It really helped me out and washing dishes wasn’t so bad, really. Donna did a lot for me and was gracious enough to work around my school schedule. I definitely don’t regreat working there! That being said, I don’t regret quitting, either.

In other news, I got nominated by Student Ambassadors to run in the Mr. and Ms. TSTC Pageant in March. So, of course I’m, once again, addicted to ebay.com because I’m trying to find a good dress to wear at the pageant. I’m putting up ‘vote for me’ flyers tomorrow (weather permitting) even though I don’t really care if I win or not. The scholarship prize money would be nice, but I’m mainly doing the pageant so I can dress up! It’ll be fun and a reason to get out of my dorm room and actually be a part of the student body, which doesn’t happen often but, of course, will be happening more due to my new job!