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Blueberry Biscuits & Some Coffee

biscuit coffeeicedcoffeegif Last night my husband made blueberry biscuits and they were absolutely delicious. Also, I’m still enjoying my iced coffee so so much. Remember the blog post regarding that coffee recipe? I made a gif with the leftover photos just for the heck of it. I know, I know. Sheer talent.


Easy Iced Coffee Recipe!


I love this iced coffee recipe so much because it’s so easy to make. Just chill black coffee over night, add milk and sweetened and condensed milk. The sweetened and condensed milk is what makes it sweet, but sometimes I also use caramel or vanilla syrup for flavors. I use all sorts of methods to make coffee, lattes, iced coffee…but a method so easy and fast is always going to be on the top of my list for when I’m rushing to work. (Afterall, I do have to be ready, make lunch, make some kind of breakfast and commute thirty minutes to work. No time!)
coffee milksweetenedmilkice syrup




Last weekend I didn’t take many photos as it was raining most of the time so we didn’t do much. It was still a really enjoyable weekend. Friday we ordered the most expensive Domino’s pizza, (like seriously, we didn’t know Domino’s pizza could cost that much since it’s a fairly cheap brand) and ordered movies off Amazon. We got on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kick and, of course, watched the most awful movies made with hilarious commentary dubbed over it.

Saturday, we enjoyed dinner with my mom and siblings, Starbucks, and sorting through a huge bin of clothes my mom and sister donated to Taylor’s dad for his trips to Belize.

Sunday was all about The Walking Dead! Merle! Daryl! Agh.

I love lazy weekends.


(Then my coworker shared this awesome wall decal with me, from Etsy!)  Mystery Science Theater 300 Wall Decal  from  Walkingdeadpromotion

Also gifs! Jumping on the trendy train with A Witty Life. Although YouTube will do Mystery Science Theater 3000 more justice.




Etsy Shopping | Space Adventures



In college I had to design a simple slideshow, tutorial and fake quiz all about space. Even though the project was fake and the grade I received was only based on my design work and skills using the software, I really got into it. I researched planets, moons, nebulaes, stars…I fell in love with outerspace in all forms.

Naturally the aesthetics of stars and nebulaes stuck. So I like looking at all the pretty “space” products on Etsy.

1. Handmade Envelopes; Pictures of Earth from Outerspace
2. Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Mug
3. Carina Nebula Pendant
4. Space Colony Crewneck
5. Space Cats Leggings
6.Vintage Celestial Map Notepad



Telling A Story: The Reception


My Mamaw, who passed away just four months after our wedding from ovarion cancer got to be at the wedding. Two nurses were able to take her from the nursing home to the wedding, which I am so glad for! It was really special having her there.

I loved the photos from the loft above the reception area.

I loved our dessert bar! The groom’s cake was a peanut butter cake, the wedding cake was lemon cream. My step mom also made some awesome cupcakes. Chocolate coffee, almond, and lemon cupcake. Amazing!

Oh, and our cake topper. 🙂

Taylor’s best man, Zackary, giving his toast, which was so great!

This is my sister. Lunging, violently for the bouquet.

This is my sister, Victoria’s, boy friend.

Yes, they both won.


“Big” City Shopping


It’s true. Tay and I don’t see outside of our surrounding area, ever.

When we plan a trip to Longview we plan a trip. Over the span of weeks upon weeks we’ll sort of pile up all of these places in Longview we need to go to and make a sort of mental list. And we’ve made it into a date night before, as well. “A date and errands all in one.” 😉

So, yes, I was a little excited about our trip to  the “big” city (ha ha) of Shreveport to go thrifting with Tay, Zach and Josh (yes all guys…they planned the trip and I tagged along, I think). The guys were looking for slacks, which unfortunately no one found. However it was a fun day. Zach drove us around Shreveport going to the bargain stores. It was a successful day, indeed.

I found a black cardigan, a black and white flannel, a great red leather bag, and some Harajuku Lovers hi-tops!

All great finds, and even though I feel 12 in those harajuku shoes I like to think of myself as “fun and attractive”. ;D (How a website described them) Plus, I’ve loved and played around with the idea of buying Harajuku Lovers shoes before so finding them for $14 with minimal wear and tear was just the right incentive to go for it. (And it was just an accident that they’re green and gold—my high school colors. And that they have cheerleaders on them. Please, people don’t think I’m a supporter. (haha just kidding))

Tay found some really great clothes and shoes, too, that don’t make him look 12. In fact, quite the opposite affect.

In other news: Monday I’m sending in a resume and design portfolio to Encore Printing. A design company. Kind of nervous. But excited to show someone my work. It’s a stepping stone. Thank you, Jesus, for this opportunity. A small but important stepping stone.

Oh P.S. We went to Starbucks in Shreveport and I ordered my usual(you would’ve thought I learned the last time it happened) and it was gross AGAIN. I just prefer Joe Buck’s.

9.26.09-Shreveport 0489.26.09-Shreveport 0449.26.09-Shreveport 0279.26.09-Shreveport 016

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Rainy Weekend

This weekend was full of rain, pain, and…gain! Yes, I ended up having a fun weekend while surviving the constant drizzle.

On the way to a Modern Miracle gig, me and Tay stopped at the Longview Starbucks where I got a very terrible vanilla iced latte! I should know it was terrible since all I drank this summer were vanilla iced lattes so I’m practically a professional now! I must say Starbucks is just a lot of hype. I won’t totally down the place, because I know the worker–not the actual store–is to blame for my gross drink, but shouldn’t Star Bucks school at least teach their workers to stir the coffee/milk/syrup together before handing it off to the customer? I did pay almost $5.00 for the thing. ANYWAY…I didn’t mean to get so rude; it’s not like the coffee killed me–or even ruined my day in the least bit. =)

9-12-09 003(Click for MORE pics!)

As we got into Kilgore it, of course, was still raining (like it did all weekend) and the thought that kept running through my head was, “So…this is an OUTDOOR concert? At a park?” An outdoor concert at a park, it was–but the bands were set up underneath a really cool pavilion that shielded everything, nicely. The concert was hosted by DJ Thunder who really had on his heart to do ministries such as concerts and events. The night’s entertainment consisted of gospel, rap, and rock (and Modern Miracle–but we’ll just put them in the rock category, I guess) It was a fun evening despite the constant rain, and the rain was never really overbearing so we were fine. I met a lot of cool people who definitely had hearts for God. And there were definitely some characters, as well! One rapper–T.K. Star–was especially memorable. He had a very loud and crazy personality. He would come up to a person and start talking about his music, their music, ministry, God….he would go on and on and then before you could have a real conversation he would say, “I’m going to let you think about that.” and he would just walk away. It was so strange and funny. He was all over the place.

I suffered from an earache all night, on top of all the other pains of sickness, but I woke up Sunday morning just fine, so there was no complaining to my rainy concert! Goodness, though, the few photography skills I have apparently were lost with the sunny weather because I ended up deleting most of the photos from the show. Also I need an external flash and some lessons in taking night shots without runing the cool lighting effects. =) And photography lessons, period.

Charity--Click for more Photos

Charity--Click for more Photos

Our mini merch table

Our mini merch table

Our duct-tape mannequin

Our duct-tape mannequin