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Vacation 2014

My husband and I just got back from a really fun two week vacation! It feels good to be home but that two week break to see family and do whatever was so appreciated. Now that we’re back in the swing of things it’s full on PREPARE mode.

Friday we opened a new bank account that will make the transition to international banking easier. Today my husband will be putting the deposit down on our hopefully future flat in England and tomorrow we’ll be traveling to Dallas to have our fingerprints and other biometrics taken as the final step of the Visa application.

We also just bought suitcases! They’re the largest suitcases either of us have ever bought in our lives, yet in comparison with all the possessions I was thinking of bringing for a 3+ year stay, they are small!

I’m excited where all this heading! Tentative kick off date is September 10th…ish…

I will continue updating the blog on the process. Until then, here’s what we did on vacation!

Vacation Day 1 – I ended up working half a day to finish as much as I could on my giant to-do list, but after that we headed to Deep Ellum (Dallas) to see Antemasque and Le Butcherettes in concert. It was amazing! Antemasque’s energy was totally thrilling and Le Butcherettes—a girl vocalist/guitarist and a girl drummer? Yes please!

After the show we were stopped on the street by a man who showed us magic tricks and sold us a couple of t-shirts out of his backpack for $5. Totally legit. We then couch-surfed on our good friend’s couch.


Vacation Day 2 – We watched Guardians of the Galaxy with our friend then began the travel to Texarkana, TX to visit another friend. Taylor and he caught up and had deep philosophical discussions over Starbucks for several hours before we headed out for a late night trek to Hot Springs, AK.

Vacation Day 3 – Waking up in Hot Springs at the old Angels in the Park hotel, we walked downtown for late morning breakfast before we visited our favorite spots in downtown Hot Springs. Lunch was a flight of locally brewed beers and hummus and dinner was our favorite German restaurant.


Vacation Day 4 – We packed up early and headed to a Starbucks–the problem with taking a vacation in the middle of searching for overseas apartments and applying for visas is that there was always an email that needed to be responded to immediately so we took frequent Starbucks (aka wifi) breaks. We then mailed our parents some postcards then began a long trip all the way to South Carolina where we stopped at 1:30 am for a few short hours of sleep. For a late night snack I couldn’t resist buying the Lays Cappuccino Chips and a Starbucks frappuccino at a gas staion. The chips were not all that people made them out to be and the drink tasted like a bad batch of barbeque! Gas stations are hard to trust.

Vacation Day 5 – Four hours of sleep at a hotel and McDonald’s breakfast later, we were on the road again a few hours from our destination in North Carolina. When we arrived I met Taylor’s grandmother, great-aunt, uncle, aunt and cousin for the very first time. We also hadn’t seen his mom in 4-5 years. That night we stayed in a beach house, looking at old photos and catching up.

Vacation Day 6 – We spent the day with Taylor’s mom, aunt and cousin at the beach then the evening with his grandmother and uncle. Afterwards we headed to Raleigh, NC where we met with Taylor’s step dad. They bought us a room in a downtown hotel, which led to a lot of walking through the beautiful downtown area the next day.


Vacation Day 7 – Waking up with room service coffee (just because we could), we ventured onto the streets of downtown and ended up at the North Carolina Natural History Museum. We explored downtown (found a coffee shop, of course) and then met back up with Taylor’s family for dinner out and the a trip to Krispy Kreme donuts.


Vacation Day 8 – We began the day by walking to a cupcake shop for coffee and cupcakes! It was accidental thanks to wrong GPS directions, but it was a good stop nonetheless. Afterward, we traveled to Durham to meet with theologian Dr. Stanley Hauerwaus. Taylor and I (more so Taylor) love his work and forward thinking methods. We met him at Duke University in his office where they chatted about the future. He encouraged us on our journey to England and took a photo with us! The rest of the day, not gonna lie, was spent at a mall. Taylor found several outfits at H&M and some shoes, which he needed. We ended the day driving back to our hotel in pouring rain and had pizza delivered to our room.


Vacation Day 9 – We traveled to Benson, NC after waking up at 6 am where Taylor’s mom showed us every home and landmark that had anything to do with Taylor’s childhood. It was interesting seeing a part of Taylor’s past. After breakfast we were introduced to Taylor’s old baby sitter then carted off with tons of drinks and ice. We then began what end up being 24 hours straight of being up.


Vacation Day 10 – 6 am after driving 15 hours home, we made our way to our beds where we didn’t wake up until 12:30 in the afternoon and it was devine.


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Rainy Weekend

This weekend was full of rain, pain, and…gain! Yes, I ended up having a fun weekend while surviving the constant drizzle.

On the way to a Modern Miracle gig, me and Tay stopped at the Longview Starbucks where I got a very terrible vanilla iced latte! I should know it was terrible since all I drank this summer were vanilla iced lattes so I’m practically a professional now! I must say Starbucks is just a lot of hype. I won’t totally down the place, because I know the worker–not the actual store–is to blame for my gross drink, but shouldn’t Star Bucks school at least teach their workers to stir the coffee/milk/syrup together before handing it off to the customer? I did pay almost $5.00 for the thing. ANYWAY…I didn’t mean to get so rude; it’s not like the coffee killed me–or even ruined my day in the least bit. =)

9-12-09 003(Click for MORE pics!)

As we got into Kilgore it, of course, was still raining (like it did all weekend) and the thought that kept running through my head was, “So…this is an OUTDOOR concert? At a park?” An outdoor concert at a park, it was–but the bands were set up underneath a really cool pavilion that shielded everything, nicely. The concert was hosted by DJ Thunder who really had on his heart to do ministries such as concerts and events. The night’s entertainment consisted of gospel, rap, and rock (and Modern Miracle–but we’ll just put them in the rock category, I guess) It was a fun evening despite the constant rain, and the rain was never really overbearing so we were fine. I met a lot of cool people who definitely had hearts for God. And there were definitely some characters, as well! One rapper–T.K. Star–was especially memorable. He had a very loud and crazy personality. He would come up to a person and start talking about his music, their music, ministry, God….he would go on and on and then before you could have a real conversation he would say, “I’m going to let you think about that.” and he would just walk away. It was so strange and funny. He was all over the place.

I suffered from an earache all night, on top of all the other pains of sickness, but I woke up Sunday morning just fine, so there was no complaining to my rainy concert! Goodness, though, the few photography skills I have apparently were lost with the sunny weather because I ended up deleting most of the photos from the show. Also I need an external flash and some lessons in taking night shots without runing the cool lighting effects. =) And photography lessons, period.

Charity--Click for more Photos

Charity--Click for more Photos

Our mini merch table

Our mini merch table

Our duct-tape mannequin

Our duct-tape mannequin