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Happy Blog-iversary!

Today is my ‘8 year’ blog-iversary. I wish I could say I had 8 years of riveting posts, but I can’t say that I do.

I’ve used this blog (under two different names) as a means to journal and share creativity. I haven’t always needed that outward form of expressing myself, so there are many empty moments through the archives. However, I thought I’d share some interesting times in my life as I go through college, marriage and career changes in the span of 8 (more like 5-6) years.

2009: One year into college, 2009 is the year I really start blogging!

I discover my love of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion and get my first non-restaurant job. 

I am faced with the horrible choice of being forced to get my first touch screen and data-mandatory phone! (Back when phones were phones)

I realize I want graphic design to be my career.

I made many, many t-shirt d.i.y.’s. This one is a dress from a 4XL t-shirt. 

I get engaged in a surprise photoshoot.

2010: The year I decided to link my Tumblr and Twitter to my blog and almost all my posts have NO TITLE. What an archiving nightmare.


I realize what a hoarder I am

I get super into Photoshop (some more)

I made my brother this adorable Max from Where the Wild Things Are costume

I get into photography.

I get obsessed with fashion photography and move to Chictopia for. a. while.

2011: I graduated college (mid-2010) and move somewhere with no Internet until I got married so I


Post about my bridal portraits

Self-designed wedding invitations

Getting Ready

My awesome wedding party

A beautiful ceremony

And the reception (that I starved at)

2012: Working at an exhausting daycare job and feeling so creatively unfulfilled, I began blogging again!


I opened an etsy store selling vintage purses. This later turned into designing flyers

I tried blogging something more meaningful for the first time on the blog. (I’m still struggling with this, but I have so much to say these days that the hard topics must be given a voice!)

I got a job as a secretary which quickly moved into managing websites! 

I started noticing some sad realities in my life. Mainly the gradual decline of friendships and relationships. 

I tried my hand at d.i.y. journals!

2013: The year I blog fairly consistently! 


I start (and fail to finish) and 365 day Photo Challenge

I tried (and fail to succeed) to organize my blog

I hint at all the friendship struggles I was having (but still try to remain positive and not get too deep)

I try my hand at recipes! Yum! & Coffee

I “win” a fun blogging award and answer questions about myself!

My husband graduates with his Master’s degree and I realize what that means for us

I finally get promoted from managing websites to managing and designing websites! Finally using that college degree to the fullest extent! Except, my creativity for blogging leaves me. 

I learn the hard way about friendships. And, of course, give a vague nondescript version of the story.

2014: After a short lull (only like 6 months, no big deal!) I decide to start blogging again! 


I’m trying to find my focus for 2014. I love d.i.y. and photography projects, but I really want to try my hand at writing more serious posts. I’m a quiet person and have let that affect my opinions on topics, so as not to offend or hurt feelings, but I don’t think that’s a good reason to keep quiet anymore. I hope I can find my path as I begin this blogging thing over again. Every year seems like I’m starting over, because I’m just trying to find my way. Here’s the beginning: 1, 2, 3


Spring Window Shopping


I’m not big into florals, but a couple of these are quite lovely. That air plant ring and bright skull handbag are my favorites, right now.

1. Coincindence & Chance Silky Dress by Urban Outfitters

2. Coral Floral Scarf by Forever 21

3. Vegan Leather Envelope Clutch With Skull by East Workshop on Etsy

4. Living Organic Succulent Ring by Recologies on Etsy


Weekend Post

Such a fun weekend!

Charity and nathan Lenox had a beautiful wedding ceremony and a very fun reception!

Charity was beautiful in her dress! I can’t wait to see the photos from Barnett Photography because they’re going to be awesome! (Visit their website to see the couple’s engagement photos!)

9.19.09-Wedding 0369.19.09-Wedding 0509.19.09-Wedding 156

It was so fun being in the wedding party. We hung out all day and spent four hours getting ready! Hah. I loved my dress and will just have to find some other occasion to wear it to! But I’ll have to dry-clean it because my beautiful flowers got red and yellow pollen all over it! (Before the wedding!) But it wasn’t a big deal!

The bride walked down to her and nathan singing “Come what May” from the movie Moulin Rouge and now every time I’m in my car that song comes into my mind and I just tear up all over again!

I guess the big news besides the wonderfully amazing wedding and gorgeous bride was that I caught the bride’s bouquet. And there is a story. 😉

No one really wanted to catch it. And everyone decided not to catch it. I decided to not catch it. and then no one was catching it and it was going to fall to the floor so my cat-like reflexes (which I actually don’t usually have…) came out and I just grabbed it! Later Tay told me he had yelled out jokingly, “you better catch it!” Yikes! So if no one knew about me and tay  I guess the bouquet thing makes it official: Yes, there is going to be a wedding in our future. But we’re not even engaged yet so don’t get any big thoughts! 🙂

this is the best shot of my dress! :( oh well lol

this is the best shot of my dress! 😦 oh well lol

hahahaha look close to the right hand side and you see my hand

hahahaha look close to the right hand side and you see my hand reaching out!

9.19.09-Wedding 176

Anyways, the wedding was wonderful! I can’t wait to see the new husband and wife in a few weeks!

For more photos Click These:

My Photos 1
My Photos 2

The bridal party:
Maid of Honor: Nicole White (pictured in first photo tying Charity’s dress)-Charity’s friend since birth. She’s actually going to school in Sydney, Australia and she flew in for the wedding! She was a great maid of honor. She was by Charity’s side the whole day.
Maid of Honor: Ashley ThorntonThey’ve been friends for a long time. She’s so cute! She’s in A&M Commerce but anytime they can these two are together and can talk about anything!
Bridesmaids: Amanda McGill, Nina Derrick, & Me!

Actually all of the girls but me have been friends with Charity since childhood since I didn’t come into the picture until high school. But I would consider myself very lucky because I get to see her pretty much every week and we’ve become really great friends in a short time! I’m glad I was in the wedding!!

I’ll update everyone when the official photos come in! They’ll be amazing!

Post about my Sunday up soon!

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Pointless Outfit Post

This morning I am quick to admit I waste a lot of energy making these pointless outfit posts. But. I’m going to continue doing them.

The reasons:

-I enjoy seeing other people’s fashion posts. Right now my style blogger inspirations are …love maegan and Where Did U Get That. Of course, both of these women live in L.A. and New York so they’re right on top of the American fashion world. I visit their sites once a day, at least.

-The better part of my life is consumed with uninspiring outfits. So if I take the time out of my day to post what I’m wearing to the world then I’ll think a tad bit harder about what to wear.

-I post these outfits so I won’t forget about them. Like the last reason, I have a ton of moments where I am just uninspired. So to post GOOD outfits means I can just refer back to them if I need some inspiration.

Ok, so now that I’ve determined that my Pointless Outfit Posts are, indeed, not so pointless—ok, maybe pointless for you, but not for me—I can continue posting outfit posts without feeling dumb. And yes, maybe they are pointless for you BUT if you see a particularly dreadful outfit why don’t you let me know so that I don’t wear it again. 😉 Thanks.

quick shot before people saw me!
quick shot before people saw me!

083304I could not get a good shot today. Mainly because I was being a bit more daring and trying to get a full body shot. I think with practice I’ll get a little more comfortable posing in here. It’s actually a really private office except the open door! (And the full wall of windows, but I actually never think about those, for some reason)

I do like my look today. A slouchy black dress over a gray tank/leggings. And green long cardigan. This cardigan may even be my cousin, Katy’s. I took it after a yard sale I put on in May and I know she contributed a lot of clothes. Still not a good shot of my boots, but better. These pics do this outfit no justice. Oh well.

Have a great Thursday


DIY School Spirit Dress out of 4XL tee (How-To!)

This shirt if 4XL…The larger the shirt, the longer the dress! I wanted mine to be modest, but I think 3X,2X & maybe even XL would be okay (but they would be shorter)

Just an idea on the SIZE of this shirt:
Step One: Cut off Collar and Sleeves (You can leave collar, if you want!)
640Step Two: From the hem of the top of the shirt, measure about 7 in down and make a mark.

(the cut part is where the sleeve used to be)

(the cut part is where the sleeve used to be)

Step Three: Take a fitted shirt, line it up with the center of the large shirt. From the mark you made in Step 2, Measure a diagonal line all the way to the bottom of the fitted shirt sleeve (leave 1-2 in of space) The diagonal lines will make a flutter sleeve.

Step Four: Between the two diagonal marks cut a diagonal line. Do this to both sleeves (These are your new sleeves!)

Step Five: From the bottom cut to the end of the original shirt sleeve, measure a midpoint and make a mark. (my midpoint is 7 in.)

Step Six: Cut a straight, horizontal line of both sides, ending at the midpoint.
Step Seven: Turn the dress over on its back, with your measuring tape, find the center of the back.661Step Eight: Take the two large panels of fabric and fold over, meeting in the middle of the back. (First try on the dress, wrap the two panels around until it fits your body. Make a mark where it fits you.) Sew the two panels to the back. * another idea would be to try sewing on buttons*

674682Step Nine: (The dress is still with the back facing up) Take the two back small panels and cut them off (not the front panels!)

685Step Ten: Take the two small panels from the front of the dress and wrap them around  to the back. (Try the dress on and fit the two small panels to your fit, too) Sew (or button/clasp) these to the back, as well.


I actually haven’t had time, but you can also sew the sleeves, as well! I’ll have to add that, later.

Ignore the shorter sleeve

Ignore the shorter sleeve

You can see larger photos here: <a href=”https://mismatchedmess.wordpress.com/2009/08/29/diy-school-spirit-dress-out-of-4xl-tee/#comments”>4XL TEE</a><br />


DIY School Spirit Dress out of 4XL Tee

Go Eagles!

I’m not one for school spirit, especially in t-shirt form…I don’t know why, I just never have been. Don’t get me wrong—I support my schools. In high school I loved representing the school when I performed (in theatre and band) and I totally support going to TSTC…it’s just supporting in t-shirt and school color form I’m not too fond of. Plus I don’t wear t-shirts too often, anyways, so there’s no incentive for me to roll out of bed and think, “Today’s t-shirt will represent my school!” (unless it’s a roll out of bed and ‘oh wow I’m late to class,’ day–then I’ll throw on any t-shirt)

Well, today was the very last orientation for the fall semester for all of the procrastinators who enrolled. Everyone (ambassadors, teachers, workers, and new students) got a free red TSTC shirt at orientation. (You can see me in the photo right below in my small shirt/boyfriend jeans look)

TSTC Shirt

TSTC Shirt

Because it was the last day, there weren’t very many shirt sizes left and I had to sort of giggle every time I walked by the ‘Giveaway’ table because the student ambassadors working would always be having this conversation:

Ambassador:”What size shirt do you wear?”
New Student:”Small (or Medium, or Large)”
Ambassador: “The smallest we have is extra-large.”

Aw….sad day. I’m always a little sad when they don’t have the size shirt I need. However, being in the DIY spirit, I was inspired by this little Ambassador-to-Student conversation and snagged myself a 4XL t-shirt—the largest they had!

And guess what? Suddenly I’m in the TSTC spirit and just may have to wear this super cute new TSTC dress around campus. My mom would probably be proud. 🙂

A how-to is possibly going to be difficult for me, but I’m going to try! Maybe, just maybe you’re in college/high school and are interested in revamping those school tees. With just a little creativity you can proudly say, “No, I think I’ll take a 4XL size shirt, but thanks for your medium, anyway.” 😉

Modest length! lol

Modest length! lol

could be a tank-dress...

could be a tank-dress...

...but I like the flutter sleeve (still need to sew)

...but I like the flutter sleeve (still need to sew)

back details

back details


DIY Later! Good night! 🙂 <3alyssabeth


DIY Fitted Tunic from XL Tee

Finished Tunic

Finished Tunic


So after lunch with Taylor today I headed over to Goodwill just out of curiousity and found this great t-shirt in the men’s section. It obviously caught my attention because of the crazy purple/gold combo, buit also still had the tags so I knew it had never been worn, which was a good thing. Well, intersting enough, the tags had a website on it that I went to where I discovered the tee came from a quirky clothing line called Le Jean DeMarithe + Francois Girbaud and originally cost $49.99! Yikes…glad I got it for $2.29 at Goodwill!. Anyways, the website was fun and mostly in French, although the shirt I bought came from a New York store…check out the website here: http://www.girbaud.com

the tag!

the tag!



Start with a large t-shirt, like the one above (mine is Men’s XL)

STEP ONE: Find a shirt that fits you well; you’ll be using this a lot as a reference to your body type.



STEP TWO: Line up the sleeve of the fitted shirt along the sleeve of the large shirt and trace a line all the way down the sleeve to fit the sleeves of the tunic to your arms.



STEP THREE: Cut the sleeves following the traced lines.



STEP FOUR: Turn the shirt inside out then line up the edges of the sleeves. Pin along the sleeve, leaving enough room for your arm



STEP FIVE: Sew along the sleeve, removing the pins as you go.



STEP SIX: Turn the shirt right side out. Line up your fitted tee with the center of your large shirt. For reference, I found the center of the large shirt, and made a mark, approximately where the shirt with hit your waist. I then marked the edges of the fitted tee.





STEP SEVEN: Gather up all of the fabric that comes between the two horizontal marks, keeping the gathers in the center of the shirt.



STEP EIGHT: Starting from inside the shirt (so the knot from your thread won’t be seen on the outside) sew the gathered fabric together will several large loops, then pull thread taut.



And there you have it…Basically just a fitted shirt, but it’s so super long that it’s more like a dress/tunic thing. I like it, at least!

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Pointless Outfit Post

Another pointless outfit post. Because maybe one of you care—or at least want to critique—what I wear.

Taylor has already informed me he doesn’t like my “granny shawl” or “pancho” he couldnt’ decide what to call it! lol gah.

Shirt: can’t remember where I got it.
DIY”Granny Shawl”: ugh. I like it. but whatever. lol I got it from JCPennys last fall and cut it down the center last night…it’s very flowy and such =)
Skinny Jeans: my sister’s jeans =)



Pointless Outfit Post

Maxi dress (bad photo...)
DIY scarf
close up

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so I’m going to start with what I’m wearing today and maybe this ‘pointless outfit post’ idea will stick and become an everyday occurence?

IDK…it’s totally pointless but it’s my blog and fashion is a big part of my life so may as well make it a part of my blog!


I took these photos in my apartment living room…sorry for the bad lighting and terrible quality–I used my webcam to take the shots!

Maxidress: Rue21 $8
Blue Shirt: PacSun $10
Scarf: DIY scarf

And so this post isn’t completely pointless I wanted to share with you what I’m currently reading:

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh

Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planet

Christianity in Crisis

Christianity in Crisis

  • Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne: It’s fun reading the original stories from Milne. Winnie the Pooh is a great character but I prefer the 1926 version.
  • Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis: A great three part series from C.S. Lewis who also wrote those famous Narnia books. This series is geared more toward adults, but it’s still completely strange. I like it!
  • Chrisitianity in Crisis by Hank Hanegraff: Hank Hanegraff…the Bible Answer Man on the radio. Taylor listens everyday to him and I listen when I’m with Taylor because I don’t have a working radio! I haven’t started this book yet but Taylor and I have talked about it numerous times.


  1. Clean my room! It’s a disaster
  2. Design flyer for Northside Christian Center
  3. T-shirt Designs for school


Ebay Addict

This week I started my job at TSTC! I’m very excited and nervous all rolled into one!

It’s funny, because I’m the student in charge of planning and organizing weekly activities for the students on campus and yet I am such an introvert and hardly ever leave my dorm! But I will give myself some credit…I’m not neccessarily bad at making friends or talking to people most of the time, I just prefer not to hang out with people all the time. It’s exhausting to my quiet personality to be with large groups of people for long periods of time. But I am happy about my job. I am going to organize the first event which is Bingo night next week. I hope people show up, though!

Monday was my last day at Porky’s. I was scheduled to work in the back and to end my short-lived porkys career as the ever trusty dish washer. But a girl called in and there was no one with “more experience” to take her spot in the kitchen so I fried fish instead of washed dishes. The entire time I was back there the owner could not seem to believe the other workers that I was doing fine, but that added to the fun of my day! She didn’t give me a chance to prove to her that I’m half way decent at doing other jobs besides dish washer the whole time I worked there, and I prove her completely wrong and succeed in cooking without a hitch on my very last day of working for her. Sort of ‘sticking it to the man’ in my own sort of way. I do appreciate that job, though! It really helped me out and washing dishes wasn’t so bad, really. Donna did a lot for me and was gracious enough to work around my school schedule. I definitely don’t regreat working there! That being said, I don’t regret quitting, either.

In other news, I got nominated by Student Ambassadors to run in the Mr. and Ms. TSTC Pageant in March. So, of course I’m, once again, addicted to ebay.com because I’m trying to find a good dress to wear at the pageant. I’m putting up ‘vote for me’ flyers tomorrow (weather permitting) even though I don’t really care if I win or not. The scholarship prize money would be nice, but I’m mainly doing the pageant so I can dress up! It’ll be fun and a reason to get out of my dorm room and actually be a part of the student body, which doesn’t happen often but, of course, will be happening more due to my new job!