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Seven Days Down | Social Media Fast

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Today marks the half way point of my two week break from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about it.

I am refreshed.

I should document a few of the feelings about “being unplugged” from the three main social media sites I use, though.

The one I miss the most: Instagram. I take many cell phone pictures. Admittedly, my cell phone images are not the best quality nor do I try very hard in making them very creative. For the very few cell phone pictures that are semi-creative or for those special and funny life moments, I love having a simple program with which to share these images. I also love seeing my friends, family and favorite bloggers’ pictures. I can’t wait to use Instagram again.

The one that I can’t get away from: Facebook. Facebook is everywhere. There has not been one day that I haven’t accidentally gone to my Facebook page. I’m proud to say that I just quickly exit out and was not tempted to check my notifications or scroll through the newsfeed. I have far too many devices and programs signed into Facebook. It’s too easy to use the “Sign In Using Facebook” feature that many apps and games offer.

The one that impacts me the least: Twitter. I never fully latched onto twitter. I love it, don’t me wrong. But I mostly use it to keep up with The Walking Dead actors. The reason I chose to take a break from this website was because I use the twitter app (like many other apps) as a mindless form of “entertainment”…to scroll through tweets when I’m “bored.”

The cold, hard truth: A couple days into the break, I had started visiting Pinterest.com and Google + a lot more, and I downloaded two new games. Ouch. Once I realized that I was just transferring my “need for entertainment” to different outlets, I made myself stop before I missed the point of this break completely.

My Realization: The very best realization I had was when I stopped receiving a constant stream of notifications on my phone. It woke me up to why I felt the need to check these sites so much. If I saw I had a notification, I would click it, then, of course end up on there for 4-5 minutes each time. That adds up. I’m going to be updating my notification settings when I reactivate these sites. There’s no use in checking these sites over and over just for 1-2 notifications.

The Best Part: I have so much to learn about re-prioritizing my life, but this break is a good start. I am spending more time reading the Bible, journaling, and spending quality time with my husband.

I think I should also point out that some people consider quitting places like Facebook because of the constant drama, pointless pictures, or overall negative environment. I completely understand this. It’s a shame that some people tend to overuse or abuse websites. My break away from social media sites was not because of what other people were doing, but more of a time for self-reflection and awareness. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it’s time to stop being lazy with my accounts. For instance, Facebook has great tools to allow you to hide posts and updates from certain people. Also for more drastic problems, you can block or delete people. Empowerment. (ha!)

Seven more days to go before I re-join these three social media worlds!

-P.S. Facebook followers: My blogs are being automatically sent to facebook via a second-party program. I promise, I’m not posting the blogs myself during this 2 week break!



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Hello March


Let me be the first to say how crazy February was.

I started out with the same enthusiasm as I had in January, and really enjoyed the fun Valentine’s inspired printables I made. I had a great birthday celebration, and I also had a memorable Valentine’s day.

I think after Valentine’s day, though, I hit a slump. Less blogs, less crafts, less goals fulfilled! So, instead of feeling the weight of my somewhat failure, I’m just going to pick back up with March and start again.

Let’s talk about goals.


-365 Photo Challenge

Ehh….wow. February was SO hard to keep up with. My energy level was completely lost with this project. But I must move forward! For March, I’m NOT going to use a prompt. January, using a prompt was great. But in February, I could not seem to wrap my head around these simple, daily photos. I’m going to do some brain-storming on how to fulfill March during this 365 day photo challenge.

-Exercise Goal

Wow, look, another goal I can’t say I tried too hard on last month! I exercised a few times, but not nearly as often or as diligently as I should have. This is so important to keep up with.


I’ve been okay at this one, overall. But I can’t get lazy with it. I love having all these memories to look back on, so I can’t stop here!


-2 Weeks Away From Social Media

Today, I am starting a 2 week break away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Last night, I signed out of those sites on my phone, so I don’t receive notifications. Lo and behold first thing that automatically pops up on my work computer is Facebook! (I just exited) Plus, I have my tablet and kindle fire with these sites installed. There are so many areas where social media is so readily available. It’s difficult to move away from these sites. The only hang up I’ve had so far, was when I wanted to steal one of my photographs from Facebook to use…and caught myself right before I hit enter. Oops!


-Daily Bible Reading 
-Finish My Wedding and Honeymoon Albums
-More Family Time

I’m excited for what March will bring. I just have to continue moving forward with a positive outlook and not let the past two weeks of the February blues take away all my energy for the rest of the year!

-P.S. Facebook or Twitter followers: 
My blogs are being automatically sent 
to these websites via a second-party 
program. I promise, I'm not posting 
the blogs myself during this 2 week break! -


Taking a Moment…Away From Social Media


I have had so much suddenly come onto my plate. I hate not blogging.

But, here I am to make sure to write and remember the journey I am about to go on.

I’ve decided to take a small break from certain social media sites. I am not extremely active on any of these sites, but I DO check each of them multiple times a day.

The goal is to re-prioritize what I find to be important in my life.

I am starting to seek out a few subject matters and the meanings of these subjects through scripture reading, short devotional materials, and journaling.

Coupled with that, I am going to sign out of the social media sites so I can focus more on 1.Scripture reading, and 2. LIFE.

I need to find a balance that will allow me to live a more wholesome life where I can enjoy my husband, family and friends in a truly meaningful way and where I can engage in God’s Word and find comfort in seeking Him.

Here is the journey I’ll be going on:



I’ll continue to blog my 365 photo challange (which I need to catch up on!), plus any thoughts I have regarding the scripture I’m reading, and of course, if I have any thoughts or moments of weakness regarding this very short fast away from social media.

I have decided to keep my blog linked to my facebook and twitter accounts, so if I post a blog…a link is automatically sent to facebook and twitter. But, I assure you, I am not going to add any updates on those sites manually.

Here it goes! Two weeks is nothing. But is it sad I’m wary of making the duration a longer amount of time?

I think that wariness speaks for itself.