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Postcard Collectors


In Scotland we fell in love with several paintings at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Among many other artists, we were also able to see works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Monet. Not willing to spend too much money or sacrifice too much personal space on the train ride home, we decided to bring home post cards of our favorites as ‘souvenirs’. Then all of a sudden, we had a handful of postcards and a choice to stack them in a nice, neat pile on a shelf or display them somehow.  Display it is!

One of my very favorite wedding memorabilia were our RSVP postcards. We had our guests check yes or no (of course) and in turn write or draw messages of encouragement. I made all these into a cute book that I hope to always have with us.

427903_3741405863539_1404572106_nAnd I would love to add to our current postcard collection! If you have a hankering for snail mail, perhaps we could all be postcard pen pals? (Just let me know!) At any rate, I now have a fun wall of postcards with plans to expand as we continue to visit different places!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!


I had the most fun making these little punny valentines cards! I wanted them cheesy, colorful, and to match a personality, interest or job description! Each card took about 5 minutes to make (not including the tiresome job of searching for puns!) I mailed these out a couple weeks ago and I hope everyone thought they were as great as I did!


Valentine’s Things
Valentine Puns
Coworker Valentine


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Happy Valentine’s Day! In Scotland!

I’m thrilled about going to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend! We’re staying at our first airbnb home, and plan on doing as many free things as possible! We’ll be winging it, but here’s some I’m hoping to check off the ‘list’! Taylor almost went to Edinburgh for his PHD work, so we’re excited to see it for that reason, but also because of all the Harry Potter inspiration!

Harry Potter Valentine Cards Puns Literary Valentine HP J.K. Rowling Horcrush lol

1. Edinburgh Castle

Travel Goals: Edinburgh Castle


2. Balmoral Hotel /Clock Tower – Where J.K. Rowlings wrote the last Harry Potter book

Balmoral Hotel clock tower ~ Edinburgh, Scotland ☛ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balmoral_Hotel3. Elephant House – Cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book!

The Elephant House in Edinburgh where J.K. Rowling wrote! I love that there's a "Birthplace of Harry Potter" sign. :) I'm already perusing their menu to see what I'll have, even though I've no idea when I'll go...

4. All the lovely streets! Everything looks like Harry Potter!
Cobblestone Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Harry Potter Things
Printable Marauder’s Map
Printable Harry Potter Valentine’s Card




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I’m 25

24 was a great age for me.

23 was allowing negativity to build up all around and inside me. 23 was about realizing that mistakes were made. 23 was about learning lessons. So 24 was about embracing those lessons and changing my entire attitude.

At 24 I healed. At 24 I opened up. At 24 I stopped letting negativity decide my choices and started finding ways to produce positivity.

I learned that silence is wise, but responsible confrontation is healthy. I learned when to use either of these methods.

I learned a great deal from working with young girls; about how my actions and choices affect others and how I allow others’ actions to affect me. I learned that justifying wrong actions for wrong actions is life-draining. I learned that I had changed, not at my core, but just by opening up and allowing myself to grow into a better version of myself.

At 24 I learned to dance unexpectedly, be happy with being dorky, be healthy.

I learned to get rid of the ‘things’, learned what it means to leave everything and everyone behind, learned to not let fear stop me.

25 will be something else entirely. Mistakes will be made, like at 23. Personal growth will happen, like at 24. And we’ll see what else I can learn and see and do at 25.

Birthday Things
My Year of Adventure
25 Things To Do at 25


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Bits of Joy


I’ve been meaning to share this lovely book I received from fellow blogger, Brittan Salisbury of What She Would Have Worn.

It brightened my day a few weeks ago, to receive this cute little envelope, handmade book, and sweet note.

And by the way, her blog posts are just like her handmade books; colorful, sweet, and calming.

I’ll keep this little book to display each February as a reminder to myself to seek out creativity and love in the simple things.

P.S. She has an etsy shop!


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365 Photo Challenge// This Week


Day 4: Hope// Monday, as I went about my day, I thought about what this prompt meant to me. I had a stressful day. The weather was not nice. The news was not happy. What hope could I portray? I kept coming back to my blessed life. It’s simple and flawed. There are so many aspects of my life I should reevaluate, but all in all, it’s blessed. I didn’t know how to portray that. But, as I drank my tea, went about my stressful day, and settled into my night at home, I realized there is hope in the small blessings, hope in the simple trials we face. IMG_20130205_173811

Day 5: Something you smelled// As I pulled into the driveway after a long day at work, I thought to myself, “I don’t want anything for my birthday. I’m happy just spending time with Tay. Turns out, my husband drove 30 minutes out of his way to, not only get me several birthday presents which he has spread throughout this week, but also a surprise latte from Starbucks. He also cleaned the kitchen and was super gluing a vintage salt shaker back together we accidentally dropped a few weeks prior. IMG_20130206_085020

Day 6: Something Soft// For Christmas I received an abundance of lovely scarves! I think I’ve worn a scarf just about everyday since then, too. Is that overkill?name

Day 7: Your Name// This morning I made it official: I can now legally use the gym with this convenient card.

My 365 challenge is going well. I’m disappointed that I’ve only used my phone camera to take these pictures, but it’s keeping me on track, whereas I may delay in taking the photo, otherwise.


February Love


I don’t shop often, but Valentine’s presents are a favorite of mine.  I couldn’t help but do some window shopping

Heart Sweater | Red Heart Flats | Men’s Heart Socks | Red Stripe Tie | Zombie Valentine’s Cards | Pixelated Heart Cup

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Hello February!

hellofeb1 (1)

February is one of my favorite months. Maybe because it’s my birthday month, or perhaps because its’ ‘theme’ color is red, which I’m so attracted to.


Maybe because the month is centered around love. The corporate consumerist Valentine’s market is sure to blast in our faces that it’s time to spend tons of money to show your “love”, but I’m more inclined to enjoy this “love” month on a more deeper level. To show love and appreciation to those I care about and to find beauty where I normally would not. I try to keep the spirit of love and appreciation year-round, but I’m just as enthralled with this cheesy concept of love as I am with opening my heart to love every day.


In honor of the lovely month, I wanted to share some art. To whomever reading this, if you’re so inclined, you’re welcome to download the above quote for printable use! Just click the button below for a high-resolution copy (up to 8 1/2 by 11).