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25 Things I Want to Do While I’m 25

Happy Birthday to me! Sort of. Close enough. I’m turning 25 soon, which really doesn’t mean all that much to me. Yes, it is strange to think of myself as ’25’, but there will always be people older and younger, and I’ve always been okay with that. I don’t feel like I’m getting too old and I suspect I’ll always feel that way. Why stress on the inevitable? I can only hope I can let go of my hair color and can happily prove that there are laugh–not frown– lines on my face, when the time comes.

That being said, of course I want to grow old gracefully, which really puts sitting on the couch eating a plate of nachos as I type this into perspective….

There are some personal goals, resolutions and habits that I would really like to accomplish and add to my life. I want to live the adventure, not just by having the adventures, but by having a life filled with simple joys that make a memory and betters the ‘wholeness’ of my life.

I’m already working on several of these, and I hope to cross off as many as I can!

1. Learn basic french
2. Learn more about my DSLR camera; take better photos
3. Travel around England cities
4. Visit all the countries in the UK (Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland)
5. Understand watercolor painting
6. Sketch more
7. Get back into exercise
8. Learn to ‘be’, or as the Italian say ‘asolare’; pass time in a meaningless, but delightful way
9. Go outside more just to go outside (as opposed to walking to the corner store)
10. Read some classic novels
11. Make a habit of telling people how I feel
12. Dive into the Bible
13. Try out the odd vegetables in the store
14. Help strangers more often
15. Share more about myself with friends
16. Become more involved with church
17. Make better sleep habits
18. Don’t spend money on the small things, but remember the big things we could have instead (traveling)
19. Make peace with the past and allow the lessons I learned to change my perspective of the present
20. Send more snailmail
21. Complete a photo project
22. Listen to music more often
23. Invest in things that will forever be a memory of our travels, and worth carrying around for years to come
24. Complain less
25. Continue to work on the good habits I already practice but are still fairly new (drinking water, taking vitamins, good skincare regimen)


The Bucket List Life


We are halfway into January and I couldn’t be more excited about the new year! When I think about what I want out of this year for myself and Taylor, one word really sticks out: adventure. I’m so ready to make 2015 a year of travel, learning and creativity.

Taylor and I love going on road trips and have taken one every summer since we’ve been married, so I know we are suited to traveling. We’ve enjoyed road trips all throughout the southern states, took a trip to Belize to visit Taylor’s dad, and (obviously) made the move to England for school. As we were preparing for our trip across the pond, so many friends and family would go on about all the places we could visit; London! Paris! Scotland! And I would respond with “Oh, definitely,” because, of course, right?!

But despite all that, despite the love of travel and the “For sure, we’ll be visiting XY&Z,” the travel bug didn’t hit me until this January! And once it hit, it hit hard!


Last weekend we decided to take a Saturday trip to London to visit a couple of the famous London monuments. We spent the morning visiting Buckingham Palace, seeing the gates, the Canada Memorial Gates and the Victoria Fountain. We then visited Green Park and Hyde Park, as well as the War Memorials and the Wellington Arch. The afternoon was spent at Westminster Cathedral and The British Museum. (All of these places were free!)

Being amidst so many amazing historical monuments was what had me researching cities and countries in and around England that night. There are SO many wonderful sights to experience, rich with history and beauty, and now I want to see it all! From the shores of Whitstable–just a short bus ride away–to the Carpet of Flowers in Brussels, Belgium. 2015 will be the year we travel!

Our ‘plan’ is to travel often and travel cheaply! We want to take many, many Saturday day trips to the surrounding cities. Traveling in England will be inexpensive and most of the sights we want to see are free. Then there are the ‘big’ trips. We don’t know how many we’ll be able to afford, but the price of a bus or train, or even plane, ticket from London to many other countries is so inexpensive, we really don’t have much of an excuse!

I’ve created two sort of ‘wishful thinking’ lists of places I’d love to see, most of which are incredibly viable options! Pinterest has made my dreaming incredibly easy with beautiful photos and advice all rolled into a simple Pinterest Board. I can add to it as I please! I’ve also started a list of goals at bucketlistly.com. This website makes it simple to create a ‘bucketlist’ of places I want to travel and things I want to do. I also enjoy Bucketlistly because, once I’ve achieved a goal, I share a photo of that goal and it’s added to my profile! You can see my ‘achieved’ goals here: My Life Visualized.

Yes, this will be our year of adventure! And really, so much more goes into that word. I’d like to work on my photography, I want to paint more, I want to venture into creating videos…I expect that word will fit quite nicely in 2015, and we’ve already started making it a reality!

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Hello March


Let me be the first to say how crazy February was.

I started out with the same enthusiasm as I had in January, and really enjoyed the fun Valentine’s inspired printables I made. I had a great birthday celebration, and I also had a memorable Valentine’s day.

I think after Valentine’s day, though, I hit a slump. Less blogs, less crafts, less goals fulfilled! So, instead of feeling the weight of my somewhat failure, I’m just going to pick back up with March and start again.

Let’s talk about goals.


-365 Photo Challenge

Ehh….wow. February was SO hard to keep up with. My energy level was completely lost with this project. But I must move forward! For March, I’m NOT going to use a prompt. January, using a prompt was great. But in February, I could not seem to wrap my head around these simple, daily photos. I’m going to do some brain-storming on how to fulfill March during this 365 day photo challenge.

-Exercise Goal

Wow, look, another goal I can’t say I tried too hard on last month! I exercised a few times, but not nearly as often or as diligently as I should have. This is so important to keep up with.


I’ve been okay at this one, overall. But I can’t get lazy with it. I love having all these memories to look back on, so I can’t stop here!


-2 Weeks Away From Social Media

Today, I am starting a 2 week break away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Last night, I signed out of those sites on my phone, so I don’t receive notifications. Lo and behold first thing that automatically pops up on my work computer is Facebook! (I just exited) Plus, I have my tablet and kindle fire with these sites installed. There are so many areas where social media is so readily available. It’s difficult to move away from these sites. The only hang up I’ve had so far, was when I wanted to steal one of my photographs from Facebook to use…and caught myself right before I hit enter. Oops!


-Daily Bible Reading 
-Finish My Wedding and Honeymoon Albums
-More Family Time

I’m excited for what March will bring. I just have to continue moving forward with a positive outlook and not let the past two weeks of the February blues take away all my energy for the rest of the year!

-P.S. Facebook or Twitter followers: 
My blogs are being automatically sent 
to these websites via a second-party 
program. I promise, I'm not posting 
the blogs myself during this 2 week break! -


Wrapping Up January


January was lovely. Bursts of inspiration, the ability to make (and keep) my personal and family goals, and discovering in myself a determination to enrich my life in various ways.


So far, this new year, I’ve (mostly) succeeded in keeping up with my 365 photo challenge. The end of this week, I’ll go into more detail about how the challenge is shaping itself, and what I want out of this project going forward into February.


I’ve also succeeded in keeping up with my exercise routine. Before I got my web designer job, I worked as the assistant director to a child’s learning center and daycare (and before that, I was a teacher at the same institution). As teachers needed my assistance, I (literally) would have to run down the hallways class-to-class. I also led the arts and crafts and music programs, so I was constantly on my feet running (after little kids), dancing, or aiding teachers. When I landed this cushy desk job, it took me awhile, but I started to realize how my stamina, strength and overall well-being was slowly deteriorating. I realized to gain strength and healthiness back, I would have to make an effort to exercise. I’ve been going to the gym, stretching and practicing yoga a few days a week and I really do love it so far!

I’ve also learned…

1. I actually love to blog. I wasn’t expecting that.

2. I truly appreciate the blogging community. I was never confident in my blog enough to try to find friends. But now, I’m discovering an entire community full of inspiring people, and I hope to slowly ease my way into this world.

My hopes for this blog remain the same: to create a personal story for me to look back on at the end of the year.

And month 1 is almost complete.


Discovering A Goal

This year as one one of my personal new year’s goals, wanted to really dive back into personal blogging.


The initial goal was simple: Record the journey I’m on through writing and photos. There was no pressure to create—just a rule: don’t lose the desire to create.

2-10-10-V-day 021

As I am reaching the end of January, I have really enjoyed my simple blogging (mostly of my 365 Photo Project and my husband baking), but I’ve also realized, if I want a cohesive “life story” at the end of the year, I may want to try to get organized. Even though this is just a personal, digital journal for me, I want its’ purpose to be evident and inspirational.

I want to attempt to schedule certain posts so that each week, even if all I can blog about most days are my 365 project, that at the very least, I’ll have a couple “extra” entries. I hope I’ll fall in love with this method and find a spark of creativity to add even more posts.


I’ve naturally wanted to create a few Photoshop images each week. These seem to naturally fall on Sunday.

Sunday: Quoteables – The end result of these posts may be simple, but for me, it’s about exercising my design skills and imagination. The process is searching for a quote that describes that week/day. For instance, on a rainy weekend, I wanted to brighten the mood. I researched a quote, found one appropriate to my mood, (researched the person I was quoting!) and created a graphic in Photoshop.


Here’s to making some goals and sticking to them. I hope.

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The day after writing my first post about my second new year’s resolution to exercise, I came across coolrunning.com and an article for The Couch-to-5K Running Plan.

Like I said in my previous post: I’m keeping my goals simple. But, this plan aligned so well with the goals I had already laid out for myself, I wanted to give it a second glance.

Their Goals: (sound familiar to my own?)

  • 3 Days a Week
  • 30 Minutes a Day
  • 9 Weeks

The basis for the Couch-to-5K is to be able to run a 5K within 9 weeks. I’m not interested in that. I’m not even necessarily interested in solely running during the week. I’m all about walking, yoga and basic exercise at this point. But I’m excited to see if using a trainer app will help my motivation to push myself to the next level.

I’m Already Disappointed About…

I downloaded the Couch-to-5K app for $1.99. I like the layout of it so far, however…


They offer different ‘trainers’ and boasted about their all new Zombie Trainer. Alas, that was only for iphone users. I was hoping it was for Android as well.

I also….

Decided to try a less strenuous running app:

  • I downloaded the Run Double app for free.
  • Through the phone app, I signed up for AchieveMint.com which is a site that rewards you based on a points system for your running. ($25-$100 Visa gift cards)

I’m intrigued by the motivation it gives and the points it promises.