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Wrapping Up January


January was lovely. Bursts of inspiration, the ability to make (and keep) my personal and family goals, and discovering in myself a determination to enrich my life in various ways.


So far, this new year, I’ve (mostly) succeeded in keeping up with my 365 photo challenge. The end of this week, I’ll go into more detail about how the challenge is shaping itself, and what I want out of this project going forward into February.


I’ve also succeeded in keeping up with my exercise routine. Before I got my web designer job, I worked as the assistant director to a child’s learning center and daycare (and before that, I was a teacher at the same institution). As teachers needed my assistance, I (literally) would have to run down the hallways class-to-class. I also led the arts and crafts and music programs, so I was constantly on my feet running (after little kids), dancing, or aiding teachers. When I landed this cushy desk job, it took me awhile, but I started to realize how my stamina, strength and overall well-being was slowly deteriorating. I realized to gain strength and healthiness back, I would have to make an effort to exercise. I’ve been going to the gym, stretching and practicing yoga a few days a week and I really do love it so far!

I’ve also learned…

1. I actually love to blog. I wasn’t expecting that.

2. I truly appreciate the blogging community. I was never confident in my blog enough to try to find friends. But now, I’m discovering an entire community full of inspiring people, and I hope to slowly ease my way into this world.

My hopes for this blog remain the same: to create a personal story for me to look back on at the end of the year.

And month 1 is almost complete.