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Etsy Success: Updating My Shop

I knew that my photos were too dark when I placed them in my new etsy shop, so I’ve been researching best ways to photograph items. It’s SO difficult, let me tell ya. I settled on a bright white background, with natural light. There are still some issues with these photos but MUCH better when I compared them to my  original photos.  
Here are the articles I read that are currently inspiring me to make my shop as appealing, eye-catching and interesting as can be. I recommend checking them out if you are interested.

A Beautiful Mess: Photography
Etsy Success: Critique Your Shop
Shop Makeover: itsastitch 
Quite Your Day Job: Freshline

I’m having so much fun with this new adventure. I’m learning so much and I’m determined to continue learning, growing and enjoying this.

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Finishing Up a Chapter

Sometimes you have a wonderful story to tell. You think long and hard about the story process—how the beginning shall begin, how the middle will raise expectations and excite the minds, and how the end will pull the whole thing together into a beautiful, inspiring conclusion.

And sometimes you have a week like this:

-Three final projects due by tomorrow
-Aton of cleaning
-A ton of packing
-A ton of moving
-A ton of responsibilities that have been put off

So. Oh, also, I’m tired. Sleep deprived. But, since I can’t work on my projects because I’m at work, I’ve decided to take a little break and do some online shopping for SUMMER CLOTHING:

I love this tunic. Forever21 $8.80

A simple, lovely tank. Not too tight or short. Forever21 $7.90

An awesome romper. I’m wary to buy rompers, because I have a longer torso, but this one is stretchy! Forever21 $9.80


You can buy this shirt, sure, but it appeals to my D.I.Y. nature(and I could make it for cheaper!) Forever21 $13.80

Ok. This slashed tee is a bit much. But I do like the idea. Definitely going to D.I.Y. it Forever21 $11.80

Oh and to explain the list—I’m moving out of the campus apartments. I’m moving in with my Mamaw and finishing out the last semester of college there. Once I move in there, I’m really not sure at all what my plans are. I hope to find a summer job, save up some money, start planning my wedding, and graduate college. After graduation…whew. More scariness. I hope to dive straight into my work field–searching for a job that can start my career in design. That…is very scary.


Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holiday Cards

Today I got a possible family pictures freelance job so I spent the night designing a few holiday card ideas (using 08 Christmas photos, including cute pics of Julia: Nalley News) to show the family.

Sometimes, I think “Wow, designers are so expensive.” But then I spend hours and hours designing something and remember why.


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Pointless Outfit Post

And here are my Goodwill boots! I’ve already gotten compliments on them! 🙂 The one thing I don’t particularly like is the heels make very loud noises when walking. Of course, knowing that everyone is about to hear me and look at me makes me more aware of how I’m carrying myself. I like these boots. They make me feel edgy and awesome. No fear in saying that, either since we all really just want to be confident. ❤130525

Alsoo…To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. TWLOHA is having a facebook event and invited everyone to write ‘love’ on their arm. No sense in not joining in. ❤


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Pointless Outfit Post

This morning I am quick to admit I waste a lot of energy making these pointless outfit posts. But. I’m going to continue doing them.

The reasons:

-I enjoy seeing other people’s fashion posts. Right now my style blogger inspirations are …love maegan and Where Did U Get That. Of course, both of these women live in L.A. and New York so they’re right on top of the American fashion world. I visit their sites once a day, at least.

-The better part of my life is consumed with uninspiring outfits. So if I take the time out of my day to post what I’m wearing to the world then I’ll think a tad bit harder about what to wear.

-I post these outfits so I won’t forget about them. Like the last reason, I have a ton of moments where I am just uninspired. So to post GOOD outfits means I can just refer back to them if I need some inspiration.

Ok, so now that I’ve determined that my Pointless Outfit Posts are, indeed, not so pointless—ok, maybe pointless for you, but not for me—I can continue posting outfit posts without feeling dumb. And yes, maybe they are pointless for you BUT if you see a particularly dreadful outfit why don’t you let me know so that I don’t wear it again. 😉 Thanks.

quick shot before people saw me!
quick shot before people saw me!

083304I could not get a good shot today. Mainly because I was being a bit more daring and trying to get a full body shot. I think with practice I’ll get a little more comfortable posing in here. It’s actually a really private office except the open door! (And the full wall of windows, but I actually never think about those, for some reason)

I do like my look today. A slouchy black dress over a gray tank/leggings. And green long cardigan. This cardigan may even be my cousin, Katy’s. I took it after a yard sale I put on in May and I know she contributed a lot of clothes. Still not a good shot of my boots, but better. These pics do this outfit no justice. Oh well.

Have a great Thursday


At the Office

I’m alone at the office for now and I’ve been facebooking and youtubing!

Today has been a fairly mellow day. I should be working on all my big blog posts I have planned! I honestly have several posts but I need to take the time to write them all down!

Here are my upcoming ideas:

-Christianity In Crisis-My Thoughts
-Tributes! ( I may have several of these)

This weekend is going to be fun! CharityWright & Nathan Lenox are getting married on Saturday and me and Tay are going to be in the wedding. This will be my first official wedding, ever. I’ve never been a flower girl or bridesmaid or even cake-cutter. So, I am a bridesmaid for the first time.

Of course I’ll be snapping photos the whole weekend! I’ll be spending my Friday helping with decorations and, of course, the rehearsal. I just hope I don’t CRY at the rehearsal!It is becoming a well-known fact that I cry at every wedding! (I may have recently posted something like this) Those redneck weddings on television? You know the ones that completely ruin everything beautiful and sacred about weddings? I at least tear up when watching those! I’m a sucker for marriage, I guess? That’s why my own wedding will only consist of me saying “I do.” and nothing else. Because if I’m not bawling I know I’m going to be struggling to hold back the bawling. (Not that there is an upcoming wedding for me…just sayin’)

Anyway, that got completely off topic…after the rehearsal in Harleton we’ll be heading to Marshall to eat at Golden Chorale—what spelling does that place use? Then the bridesmaids and bride will either be heading to a hotel or someone’s house to spend the night together! Fun times. 🙂

Ah…one more hour of work. It’s raining on and off today. I hope it’s not raining after work or I’ll have to walk back in the rain! (Yes, I know my last two posts were about me loving the rain. Don’t hate. 😉 )


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Pointless Outfit Post

vintage shirt

vintage shirt

"office" shot

"office" shot

vintage boots

vintage boots

Well I’m at the office today! The bright and early time is 8 AM and since I’ll be alone until around 9-9:30 I decided to take advantage of the empty office by taking some shots of myself.

I also threw on a “leather” jacket I bought—and lost—my first semester of college. (Found it last weekend)

I don’t know if I ever got to talk about my new boots, though. I found them at Goodwill for $6 and, even though they’re not my first pick if I were to go boot-shopping I still really like them, and for $6 they’re worth it! They’re in great condition and I was more than happy to try them out on all these rainy days.

Okay, here’s another ‘attempt’ at late night/rainy photography work from Saturday’s concert:

Click for more photos

Click for more photos

There’s nothing special about the shot. Unfortunately photos that came out semi-clear were the special ones.

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First Week of Fall Semester

I had an extremely interesting, emotional roller coaster kind of first week of fall semester!

I started my Monday morning at a very early 8 am–I had a very long free time since my first class didn’t start until 1 PM. I had a really great morning–Coffee, strawberry strudel, yoga….

Well, the first surprise of the Monday happened when I showed up for my class and the instructor (who is also my advisor) informs me that I can’t take that class until I take the first part of it! So, I spent my class period at my mom’s office and changing my schedule–or, well, dropping a class—so my Mondays and Wednesdays are open, now!

After that excitement, I head back to my dorm and I’m stopped by my boss’s boss (I work at the school as a student worker). She gives me a short version of a story that basically leaves me with this: “You need to choose another job to be transferred to.” Very confused, I promptly head over to my boss to see if she can straighten out my, well, confusion. She informs me she was kind of left out of the decision but she was guessing it had something to do with me not planning student activities like I should. Hmmmm…so of course I rush back over to my mom to vent–and see if her department has a student worker opening (they don’t)–and then also head over to another department who would potentially ‘take me in.’ Because she likes my design work, she would love to hire me–just one problem: she has no budget! So I’m frantically trying to put these pieces together: I’m being transferred, I wasn’t doing my work, Nobody can take me in: ding, ding, ding: that must mean I’m fired!

Anyway, for the next day and half I sort of mope around thinking I’m fired. Tuesday was bittersweet because of this–it was good finally going to two of my classes but, hello–I didn’t have a job! Tuesday night was great because me and Tay went to Applebee’s where we just enjoyed catching up on the first two days of class.

Wednesday morning was a fun one: I got coined by the TSTC President! It’s not much, but my mom was telling me that the military coined people for good deeds and, because the President was in the military, he wanted to also have a coin to give people. So I guess it’s sort of an honor, for all the designs I did for the school. I was also informed by my boss that I wasn’t fired! It’s still very hard to explain, but the main thing is that I wasn’t fired. Whew! Just a miscommunication. More info. on my ‘coining’ here:


Thursday: Well, both of my classes were cancelled. hah
Friday: I have a class with Clifton! He’s mine and Tay’s friend from Joe Bucks (of course we know him from school & his church too!) haha…I’m glad it was the first class day and nothing majorly important was going on…it was kind of awkward watching him doze off…I’m going to have to draw on him next time.

How was everyone’s first week of…whatever? Or was it just another day in the life of you? 🙂


DIY School Spirit Dress out of 4XL Tee

Go Eagles!

I’m not one for school spirit, especially in t-shirt form…I don’t know why, I just never have been. Don’t get me wrong—I support my schools. In high school I loved representing the school when I performed (in theatre and band) and I totally support going to TSTC…it’s just supporting in t-shirt and school color form I’m not too fond of. Plus I don’t wear t-shirts too often, anyways, so there’s no incentive for me to roll out of bed and think, “Today’s t-shirt will represent my school!” (unless it’s a roll out of bed and ‘oh wow I’m late to class,’ day–then I’ll throw on any t-shirt)

Well, today was the very last orientation for the fall semester for all of the procrastinators who enrolled. Everyone (ambassadors, teachers, workers, and new students) got a free red TSTC shirt at orientation. (You can see me in the photo right below in my small shirt/boyfriend jeans look)

TSTC Shirt

TSTC Shirt

Because it was the last day, there weren’t very many shirt sizes left and I had to sort of giggle every time I walked by the ‘Giveaway’ table because the student ambassadors working would always be having this conversation:

Ambassador:”What size shirt do you wear?”
New Student:”Small (or Medium, or Large)”
Ambassador: “The smallest we have is extra-large.”

Aw….sad day. I’m always a little sad when they don’t have the size shirt I need. However, being in the DIY spirit, I was inspired by this little Ambassador-to-Student conversation and snagged myself a 4XL t-shirt—the largest they had!

And guess what? Suddenly I’m in the TSTC spirit and just may have to wear this super cute new TSTC dress around campus. My mom would probably be proud. 🙂

A how-to is possibly going to be difficult for me, but I’m going to try! Maybe, just maybe you’re in college/high school and are interested in revamping those school tees. With just a little creativity you can proudly say, “No, I think I’ll take a 4XL size shirt, but thanks for your medium, anyway.” 😉

Modest length! lol

Modest length! lol

could be a tank-dress...

could be a tank-dress...

...but I like the flutter sleeve (still need to sew)

...but I like the flutter sleeve (still need to sew)

back details

back details


DIY Later! Good night! 🙂 <3alyssabeth


Presidential Coin; no monetary value

Right about now I’m sitting on the porch of the local coffee shop.Joe Bucks, sipping the last of my vanilla iced latte and browsing facebook (and taking webcam shots of myself, obviously).

So this weekend was a very fun one–Modern Miracle did some more recording with Michael Martin and Charity and I spent most of the day sewing. Our brainstorming process for our recycled/DIY business is coming along fairly well. Saturday we focused on trying out the ‘blue jeans into purse’ idea. In general, this idea seems very juvenile to me simple because it’s just not my style, but we’re coming up with some great ideas to sort of sophisticate the idea so it’s not so childish. It was fun finally getting to work together instead of just talking about it. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the designs we’re working on!!

So, this summer I did a lot of freelance design work for TSTC–I created a TSTC pole-banner and did a lot of painting and currently I’m designing some t-shirts. Apparently I’ve done enough to gain some recognition because the TSTC president wants to give me a presidential coin–which is a high honor (I think…my mom has two of them) And apparently they want the newspaper to be there and such. Well, of course part of me is screaming,  “Hey, a scholarship would be nice!!”, but I’m actually happy to recieve some type of recognition! And who knows…maybe getting my name out there will give me some more work!!

I thank God for showing me design…I really do love it and want it to be my career! Although I’m never really overly thrilled to go to class, my fall schedule is packed with multimedia classes, so that should be fun (up until finals when I’ll have so many projects to do!) I’m so happy that I’m almost finished with my degree! This summer trigonometry class marked the end of any basic, required class, so now I am focusing only on classes that pertain to my major! Ten more classes to go and then I’m done! I graduate! haha…I know, I’m getting a little ahead of myself…ten more classes means two or three more semesters, but hey, that’s really not that long.