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I Would Still Love You


I have been getting a kick out of the cutest Valentine’s videos available on YouTube today. They’ve inspired this batch of funny and sweet Valentine’s cards. PLEASE watch the videos that go with the cards! They’re adorable.

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tech trek camp.

what is wrong with this world?

where has simple, common respect gone? common sense? SELF-respect?

these kids at camp are awful. they think they have the right to do anything they want to do and undermine authority. are they all raised like this nowadays?

or is this just a popular trend now?

dekree played well, and i hope someone got the message—-God is not involved in this world. noone cares either.so i hope these kids got something out of dekree. and maybe on down the road God will change their outlook on life and they will start respecting themselves and other people.

ok, thanks.