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Christmas in Canterbury

cc1Yet another holiday has come and gone in Canterbury, England.

We absolutely enjoyed ourselves by learning old English Christmas traditions and mixing them with our own. We missed our families but enjoyed many new things we’ll remember for years to come.


We wanted to start by incorporating our traditions into our celebrations. My mom sent over a gingerbread house, which is a super fun Baker Cousin tradition. Usually it involves several small children and a table covered in icing. We also commemorated a Langford tradition with hot chocolate. At my dad and step mom’s house hot chocolate is handed out to all my brothers and sister filled with marshmallows. This year we added mulling spices and wine to our hot chocolate! Christmas eve was spent carrying out these traditions, watching Christmas movies and eating English mince pies and chocolate covered oranges.


Christmas day wasn’t as exciting as spending it with family, but we made it enjoyable with more hot chocolate and opening some packages we received from family. Taylor and I also popped Christmas crackers, which is a very popular tradition in England. We then prepared for our Christmas lunch, which we reserved at La Trappiste. The food was delicious, although the meal lasted a very long time! We popped more crackers, ate several courses, played charades at our table and enjoyed live piano music.

pic4 pic6 pic8 pic9 pic13

The day after Christmas, or in England, ‘boxing day’, was spent shopping at the massive Christmas sales, and going to the Marlowe Theatre to watch the pantomime, ‘Aladdin.’ It was a cute show!

We enjoyed our Christmas very much. Old and new traditions were made, making our first Christmas away from home lovely!


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November 5th: Donut Day

Wow, I have not been responsible at all about keeping up with this blog! November celebrations have been going on ALL WEEK yet I have not posted about them at all! My apologies! Let’s get back on track!

November 2nd: I did post about this one but I forgot to tell you that I had cookies and I decorated them in blue icing to celebrate Cookie Monster’s birthday. I didn’t have any, though—I gave them to Taylor and his roommates!

November 3rd was Sandwich Day and I am so not happy to say that I didn’t even celebrate today! The easiest possible day to celebrate….I just didn’t have time! I had some sandwich meat and chips for a quick lunch—I was so busy!

November 4th was Candy Day. Now, this was an easy one, too! Just buy candy, right? Right! But on top of that I also found Taylor some Axe Body and hair products and they were named “Chocolate.” So, I definitely gave that to him (as well as some candy) so he could celebrate this holiday, too!


Alright, now we are all caught up!

November 5th: Donut Day

TODAY is Donut Day! (This week has been primarily about unhealthy food, eh?) Well, I wasn’t interested in going out to buy some fresh donuts this morning, plus I didn’t have any time to do that so vending machine donuts at work were just as great!


Yes, powdered donuts were great for today’s celebration!

You should celebrate too! Every day is cause for celebration! (and post pics if you do)  ;) Happy November!

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Pointless Outfit Post

This morning I am quick to admit I waste a lot of energy making these pointless outfit posts. But. I’m going to continue doing them.

The reasons:

-I enjoy seeing other people’s fashion posts. Right now my style blogger inspirations are …love maegan and Where Did U Get That. Of course, both of these women live in L.A. and New York so they’re right on top of the American fashion world. I visit their sites once a day, at least.

-The better part of my life is consumed with uninspiring outfits. So if I take the time out of my day to post what I’m wearing to the world then I’ll think a tad bit harder about what to wear.

-I post these outfits so I won’t forget about them. Like the last reason, I have a ton of moments where I am just uninspired. So to post GOOD outfits means I can just refer back to them if I need some inspiration.

Ok, so now that I’ve determined that my Pointless Outfit Posts are, indeed, not so pointless—ok, maybe pointless for you, but not for me—I can continue posting outfit posts without feeling dumb. And yes, maybe they are pointless for you BUT if you see a particularly dreadful outfit why don’t you let me know so that I don’t wear it again. 😉 Thanks.

quick shot before people saw me!
quick shot before people saw me!

083304I could not get a good shot today. Mainly because I was being a bit more daring and trying to get a full body shot. I think with practice I’ll get a little more comfortable posing in here. It’s actually a really private office except the open door! (And the full wall of windows, but I actually never think about those, for some reason)

I do like my look today. A slouchy black dress over a gray tank/leggings. And green long cardigan. This cardigan may even be my cousin, Katy’s. I took it after a yard sale I put on in May and I know she contributed a lot of clothes. Still not a good shot of my boots, but better. These pics do this outfit no justice. Oh well.

Have a great Thursday

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Pointless Outfit Post

vintage shirt

vintage shirt

"office" shot

"office" shot

vintage boots

vintage boots

Well I’m at the office today! The bright and early time is 8 AM and since I’ll be alone until around 9-9:30 I decided to take advantage of the empty office by taking some shots of myself.

I also threw on a “leather” jacket I bought—and lost—my first semester of college. (Found it last weekend)

I don’t know if I ever got to talk about my new boots, though. I found them at Goodwill for $6 and, even though they’re not my first pick if I were to go boot-shopping I still really like them, and for $6 they’re worth it! They’re in great condition and I was more than happy to try them out on all these rainy days.

Okay, here’s another ‘attempt’ at late night/rainy photography work from Saturday’s concert:

Click for more photos

Click for more photos

There’s nothing special about the shot. Unfortunately photos that came out semi-clear were the special ones.

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First Week of Fall Semester

I had an extremely interesting, emotional roller coaster kind of first week of fall semester!

I started my Monday morning at a very early 8 am–I had a very long free time since my first class didn’t start until 1 PM. I had a really great morning–Coffee, strawberry strudel, yoga….

Well, the first surprise of the Monday happened when I showed up for my class and the instructor (who is also my advisor) informs me that I can’t take that class until I take the first part of it! So, I spent my class period at my mom’s office and changing my schedule–or, well, dropping a class—so my Mondays and Wednesdays are open, now!

After that excitement, I head back to my dorm and I’m stopped by my boss’s boss (I work at the school as a student worker). She gives me a short version of a story that basically leaves me with this: “You need to choose another job to be transferred to.” Very confused, I promptly head over to my boss to see if she can straighten out my, well, confusion. She informs me she was kind of left out of the decision but she was guessing it had something to do with me not planning student activities like I should. Hmmmm…so of course I rush back over to my mom to vent–and see if her department has a student worker opening (they don’t)–and then also head over to another department who would potentially ‘take me in.’ Because she likes my design work, she would love to hire me–just one problem: she has no budget! So I’m frantically trying to put these pieces together: I’m being transferred, I wasn’t doing my work, Nobody can take me in: ding, ding, ding: that must mean I’m fired!

Anyway, for the next day and half I sort of mope around thinking I’m fired. Tuesday was bittersweet because of this–it was good finally going to two of my classes but, hello–I didn’t have a job! Tuesday night was great because me and Tay went to Applebee’s where we just enjoyed catching up on the first two days of class.

Wednesday morning was a fun one: I got coined by the TSTC President! It’s not much, but my mom was telling me that the military coined people for good deeds and, because the President was in the military, he wanted to also have a coin to give people. So I guess it’s sort of an honor, for all the designs I did for the school. I was also informed by my boss that I wasn’t fired! It’s still very hard to explain, but the main thing is that I wasn’t fired. Whew! Just a miscommunication. More info. on my ‘coining’ here:


Thursday: Well, both of my classes were cancelled. hah
Friday: I have a class with Clifton! He’s mine and Tay’s friend from Joe Bucks (of course we know him from school & his church too!) haha…I’m glad it was the first class day and nothing majorly important was going on…it was kind of awkward watching him doze off…I’m going to have to draw on him next time.

How was everyone’s first week of…whatever? Or was it just another day in the life of you? 🙂


Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream

I’m not saying one is supposed to eat ice cream in the morning. All I’m saying…is that Haagen-Dazs Coffee flavored ice cream is the most amazing ice cream I have ever tasted. I intended on making myself a kona mocha frapp but I didnt’ have enough ice, so I reached for this coffee flavored ice cream that I recieved from Taylor.

I have never tasted or desired to taste Haagen-Dazs ice cream just because it’s pretty expensive. However, I’m so glad Taylor bought this ice cream for me because it is just delicious! It has such a pure flavor to it, and it’s the creamiest, most beautiful flavor and texture. I really can not describe this pure and natural taste. What I love about it is that it is made from five–and only five– ingredients; Cream, Skim Milk, sugar, egg yollks, and coffee. I don’t think I’ll be able to justify buying the expensive ice cream all the time, but it’s just so amazing that I’ll definitely buy more.

This morning I am going to Wal Mart with my boss, or overseer, or whatever her title is…We are going to buy the supplies for Bingo Night and all the other Tuesday activities. I hope we don’t stay long, though, because I have so much other stuff to do. Like finish off my Haagen-Dazs.