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Around the House – Painting

Our flat feels one part kid’s art on the fridge, and one part Pinterest Paradise. But making my own art and using washi tape to display it was a lovely solution to the ‘no nails’ rule in the lease. I quite enjoyed painting/drawing these.

I used my new colorful rug as inspiration to fill the pages with more color and abstract shapes. Painting is interesting. It’s relaxing and fun. And 9 times out of 10 I really dislike what I paint and end up casting it aside, but the process of painting will forever be my favorite part.


D.I.Y. Neon Shoes


I’ve had these cute pink and black lightening bolt shoes since high school. As adorable as they were…I never wore them. So I decided to paint just for the heck of it!


It took three days and $6.00 (with a 40% discount at Michael’s craft store). For as long as this project took, you’d think I’d take better photos. Nope. 🙂