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365 Photo Challenge// This Week


Day 4: Hope// Monday, as I went about my day, I thought about what this prompt meant to me. I had a stressful day. The weather was not nice. The news was not happy. What hope could I portray? I kept coming back to my blessed life. It’s simple and flawed. There are so many aspects of my life I should reevaluate, but all in all, it’s blessed. I didn’t know how to portray that. But, as I drank my tea, went about my stressful day, and settled into my night at home, I realized there is hope in the small blessings, hope in the simple trials we face. IMG_20130205_173811

Day 5: Something you smelled// As I pulled into the driveway after a long day at work, I thought to myself, “I don’t want anything for my birthday. I’m happy just spending time with Tay. Turns out, my husband drove 30 minutes out of his way to, not only get me several birthday presents which he has spread throughout this week, but also a surprise latte from Starbucks. He also cleaned the kitchen and was super gluing a vintage salt shaker back together we accidentally dropped a few weeks prior. IMG_20130206_085020

Day 6: Something Soft// For Christmas I received an abundance of lovely scarves! I think I’ve worn a scarf just about everyday since then, too. Is that overkill?name

Day 7: Your Name// This morning I made it official: I can now legally use the gym with this convenient card.

My 365 challenge is going well. I’m disappointed that I’ve only used my phone camera to take these pictures, but it’s keeping me on track, whereas I may delay in taking the photo, otherwise.