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Hello February!

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February is one of my favorite months. Maybe because it’s my birthday month, or perhaps because its’ ‘theme’ color is red, which I’m so attracted to.


Maybe because the month is centered around love. The corporate consumerist Valentine’s market is sure to blast in our faces that it’s time to spend tons of money to show your “love”, but I’m more inclined to enjoy this “love” month on a more deeper level. To show love and appreciation to those I care about and to find beauty where I normally would not. I try to keep the spirit of love and appreciation year-round, but I’m just as enthralled with this cheesy concept of love as I am with opening my heart to love every day.


In honor of the lovely month, I wanted to share some art. To whomever reading this, if you’re so inclined, you’re welcome to download the above quote for printable use! Just click the button below for a high-resolution copy (up to 8 1/2 by 11).