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Kale, Mushroom and Broccoli Burgers

Kale Broccoli and Mushroom Burger with Spicy Mustard Sauce


These are delicious! Taylor and I loved the Kale and brussels sprouts burgers I made awhile back, so I decided to give another go to our green burger! The spicy mustard barbeque sauce makes this meal! You can get the recipe for the mustard here.

Kale Broccoli and Mushroom Burger with Spicy Mustard Sauce

You can see a more in depth recipe below!

Recipe makes: About 8 small patties | 4 normal patties

2 cups chopped kale
1 cup chopped broccoli
1/2 cup chopped mushroom
1 cup crushed Ritz crackers
1 tbsp chopped onion
1 egg
Pepper, salt and spices to taste
Bowl of flour
Vegetable Oil

Preheat skillet to a low heat. Add vegetable oil.

Mix kale, broccoli, mushroom, crackers, onion, egg and spices together in a bowl. Make sure all the ingredients are coated with egg. Let sit for a few minutes so the mixture can begin to meld together.

Using your hands, form small parts of the mixture into patties. Sprinkle/dip the patty into flour on both sides. Carefully add the patty in the skillet to begin browning. Be careful not to move/mash them as they are quite delicate!

After browning both sides, set aside to cool. Make the spicy mustard sauce and enjoy with whatever you like! We used toast and cheese.

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Coffee Anyone?

So much has been happening lately and there is never time to just sit down and post a good blog.

Now, it’s almost midnight on a Saturday night, and I am in a mood to BLOG! Why these urges to write don’t happen earlier in the day is beyond me, however I’ll indulge my sleepy self by blogging about something that’s on my mind—-food!

I’m just like the next person whereas I love my coffee! A good roasted blend of coffee mixed with a small amount of creamer and 2 packets of Splenda is my perfect cup. Of course, I am also a firm believer of embracing the fancy iced coffee, frappacinos, and chai latte. I simply love coffee. However I do no prefer drinking coffee while I eat. I just don’t like it…even breakfast foods. I wake up at my college apartment, make a cup of coffee, sit down to drink the coffee and then make breakfast, if there’s time.

Tonight, while watching the Food Network at Taylor’s house, Iron Chef America came on. The object of the show is a challenger and an ‘Iron Chef’ face off in a cooking challenge, making a number of creative and delicious dishes for a panel of judges to taste and judge. There is always one theme ingredient to this challenge, and tonight it was coffee.

Taylor and I just sat there amazed at what the chefs came up with. They added coffee to everything, from a Coffee and Scallop mix to Coffee and pig’s feet to Coffee Ice Cream and Espresso cotton candy. I tell you, it all looked amazing. Most of the dishes sounded really good (not too sure what I think of pig’s feet still) and adding coffee into the mix made them even better for me!

So now at 12:10 AM I am in the mood to cook—and I’m not much of a cook—and to experiment with coffee! Oh and, the Challenger beat the Iron Chef…it had to have been the Espresso Cotton Candy garnished with lemon zest.

Here are some delicious looking coffee treats for you to wish for!