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Thanks & Red Hair

IMG_20140701_121420_456Thank you all for taking the time to visit yesterday after my guest post on The Wine Stain!

I have so much to talk about and not enough time, as I have a hundred projects to complete today. One day I’ll be able to blog again…

I’ve had blonde ombre for about two years. I really did love it, but it was time for a change (I thought) back to brown. And then I saw this red hair dye Monday evening and by 11 pm I had red ombre hair….

I messed up the top layer. You can still see blonde. That’ll be fixed tonight.  I don’t know what I was thinking. But in person it looks pretty great.

I hadn’t fixed my hair in that picture, and I would say ‘excuse the mess’ but those are actually decent looking curls compared to what ‘mess’ usually means to me. IMG_20140702_124131_257