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Weekend Trips


The husband and I aren’t spontaneous people. We have our routines, our shows, our restaurants. It works for us, because we’re so like-minded when it comes to overall comfort level and being money-conscious.

But I just found out that this weekend we’re taking a quick trip to Arlington, with friends, to stay in a hotel, ride roller coasters and enjoy doing something different.

This will be the first time we’ve ever gone to an amusement park together, so this trip will also be a learning experience for both of us. (Like the secret fact that as much as I love roller coasters, I will have an obnoxious-freak-out-panic-attack the whole, entire ride. And I will use the phrase “I regret doing this” or “Get me down”. Fun for him, right?!)

-P.S. Facebook followers: My blogs are being automatically sent to facebook via a second-party program. I promise, I’m not posting the blogs myself during this 2 week break!