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Missouri Streets


We got tired of spending money in Branson, Missouri and decided to drive an hour to Springfield, Missouri where Elsie, Emma, and Katie from A Beautiful Mess live. We visited several restaurants they recommended. It was a fun city. There must be ten colleges in the area so there was a great night life. All the shops were closed though. Boo.
springfield2 springfield3

We walked by Elsie and Emma’s thrift store, Red Velvet. springfield4

We saw Elsie’s husband, Jeremy, here. He makes great music with the band Sucre. #starstruck and stuff. springfield5 springfield6

Pappo’s Pizza and beer downtown was delicious!


We’re All Mad Here


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I have Alice in Wonderland on the mind today.

The Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland series is such a whimsical story. I recommend reading both books to really grasp the fun-loving, imaginative world Charles Dodgson inspired.

I will be going to a little’s baby’s birthday party at the end of May where the theme is Alice in Wonderland. I have big plans to dress up with my husband as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I’m trying to find inspiration for these outfits, since clearly, we will not be attempting the fat suit look. The two looks below are two great starts, but I do want to add a bit of comedy into the outfits. We’ll see how that turns out.

I should also note this will not necessarily be a costume party. It’s a baby’s party. AND we may very well be the only two dressed up (outside of the one-year old in the Alice costume).




Also!! I designed the lovely birthday girl’s invitations! Here’s a sneak peek!



Etsy Shopping | Honeybee


Yesterday, I stayed home from work because of sickness and ended my day writing an over-dramatic horror story about pollen. It was meant to be a funny woe-is-me story, but of course it got my thinking about the best remedies for allergies. I decided to do a little research on the subject.

The number one natural preventative that I’ve heard about is to use local honey. The local honey contains traces of pollen from your area and helps you become accustomed to it. Does this work? I’m not sure, but since I love honey I do want to look around for some of the East Texas stuff.

Home remedies I’ve found:

– Saline Solution
– Peppermint Tea with honey
– Steaming your face
– Ingest wasabi (yum!)

I promise I’m finished complaining about this particular bout of sickness from this point forward. My favorite part of my “research” was when I decided to search the term ‘honey’ on Etsy.com and found these lovely items. Perhaps buying a couple of these things would be a remedy in and of itself?

1. White Plate with a Honey Bee by Nancy and Andy
2. Men’s 70’s Honey Brown Buckle Boots by Wilder A
3. Oats & Honey Soap by Rocky Top Soap Shop
4. Oh Honey Mustard Yellow Bow Tie by Cyberoptix
5. Bee Hive Necklace by SilkPurseSowsEar
6. Earl Grey Tea with Honey Lollipop by TheGroovyBaker


February Love


I don’t shop often, but Valentine’s presents are a favorite of mine.  I couldn’t help but do some window shopping

Heart Sweater | Red Heart Flats | Men’s Heart Socks | Red Stripe Tie | Zombie Valentine’s Cards | Pixelated Heart Cup

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Upcycling Vintage-Glitter

Glitter is fast becoming a D.I.Y. trend in the online world. I’ve always been interested in upcycling vintage pieces and thought matching glitter with vintage would be the perfect way to get started!

Here are the blogs that have given me glitter fever:

A Beautiful Mess: Glitter Shoes
Hand Bag Heaven: Glitter Handbag 

Check out my own glittery upcycled vintage pieces in my shop! Mismatched Mess Etsy Shop

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A New Adventure

Taylor and I have recently outgrown our apartment….with junk!

We love thrifting and antiquing! Ok, we’re not wallowing around knee-deep in great vintage finds, but only because we both had to say enough is enough!

I’ve learned that I have such a passion for vintage objects. I absolutely love climbing mountains of junk and getting dusty just to find a great  piece of old “junk.” I’ve been thinking, for a long time, about how to utilize this love.

Therefore, I’ve started my very first etsy shop. Mismatched is an etsy store that focuses on great vintage finds such as purses, kitchenware, houseware…etc. I’m SO excited about this new adventure! I’m starting slowly but hope to branch out into more vintage areas and possibly refurbishing/upcycling vintage pieces.

I’ve been researching how to have success on etsy. Going into this, I knew a lot of work would have to be put into creating a successful business. Everything from the descriptions, the photos, to the prices have to be appealing to customers. I’m still working out these kinks, but I’m getting so many great tips that are really helping me out.

This shop is mostly to enjoy my passion of vintage finds and sharing that passion with others, and to make some extra money. However, if this could become a lucrative  business, I would love to make my passion a full-time career. Like I said, I’m starting slowly, but hey! I can’t help but dream big…

Welcome. 🙂 Mismatched-a Vintage Shop