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I love digging through junk, vintage items and antiques. This weekend we enjoyed several stores. My favorite shop is a dilapidated warehouse; windows broken, floor caving in, and dusty. Maybe it’s a bunch of junk, but I love it. Another store I love has such interesting pieces, and a shop cat who followed us around as we shopped.



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My mom gave me a birthday present (early!) today after a wonderful lunch with cousins and aunts; a Polaroid camera and film! While I’m extremely excited about this new (to-me) vintage camera, I’m going to have to do some soul-searching to figure out what ‘shot’ will be worth using a Polaroid for. Apparently, this film came from The Netherlands and is really expensive to buy. (And there are only 8 to a package) I love it though! I’m so excited to research this camera to learn more about it!


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Upcycling Vintage-Glitter

Glitter is fast becoming a D.I.Y. trend in the online world. I’ve always been interested in upcycling vintage pieces and thought matching glitter with vintage would be the perfect way to get started!

Here are the blogs that have given me glitter fever:

A Beautiful Mess: Glitter Shoes
Hand Bag Heaven: Glitter Handbag 

Check out my own glittery upcycled vintage pieces in my shop! Mismatched Mess Etsy Shop

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A New Adventure

Taylor and I have recently outgrown our apartment….with junk!

We love thrifting and antiquing! Ok, we’re not wallowing around knee-deep in great vintage finds, but only because we both had to say enough is enough!

I’ve learned that I have such a passion for vintage objects. I absolutely love climbing mountains of junk and getting dusty just to find a great  piece of old “junk.” I’ve been thinking, for a long time, about how to utilize this love.

Therefore, I’ve started my very first etsy shop. Mismatched is an etsy store that focuses on great vintage finds such as purses, kitchenware, houseware…etc. I’m SO excited about this new adventure! I’m starting slowly but hope to branch out into more vintage areas and possibly refurbishing/upcycling vintage pieces.

I’ve been researching how to have success on etsy. Going into this, I knew a lot of work would have to be put into creating a successful business. Everything from the descriptions, the photos, to the prices have to be appealing to customers. I’m still working out these kinks, but I’m getting so many great tips that are really helping me out.

This shop is mostly to enjoy my passion of vintage finds and sharing that passion with others, and to make some extra money. However, if this could become a lucrative  business, I would love to make my passion a full-time career. Like I said, I’m starting slowly, but hey! I can’t help but dream big…

Welcome. 🙂 Mismatched-a Vintage Shop