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Telling a Story-Bridal Portraits

The marvelous Lindsay Steele of Lindsay Steele Photography shot me, all did up and giddy, a month or so before my wedding. My lovely bridesmaid, Charity, came along, which I was so grateful for! We traversed through the downtown area through the streets and in front of store fronts and in a large and beautiful field. It was so much fun, albeit windy. Lindsay has a keen eye for photos and finds beauty everywhere she photographs.



At the Office

I’m alone at the office for now and I’ve been facebooking and youtubing!

Today has been a fairly mellow day. I should be working on all my big blog posts I have planned! I honestly have several posts but I need to take the time to write them all down!

Here are my upcoming ideas:

-Christianity In Crisis-My Thoughts
-Tributes! ( I may have several of these)

This weekend is going to be fun! CharityWright & Nathan Lenox are getting married on Saturday and me and Tay are going to be in the wedding. This will be my first official wedding, ever. I’ve never been a flower girl or bridesmaid or even cake-cutter. So, I am a bridesmaid for the first time.

Of course I’ll be snapping photos the whole weekend! I’ll be spending my Friday helping with decorations and, of course, the rehearsal. I just hope I don’t CRY at the rehearsal!It is becoming a well-known fact that I cry at every wedding! (I may have recently posted something like this) Those redneck weddings on television? You know the ones that completely ruin everything beautiful and sacred about weddings? I at least tear up when watching those! I’m a sucker for marriage, I guess? That’s why my own wedding will only consist of me saying “I do.” and nothing else. Because if I’m not bawling I know I’m going to be struggling to hold back the bawling. (Not that there is an upcoming wedding for me…just sayin’)

Anyway, that got completely off topic…after the rehearsal in Harleton we’ll be heading to Marshall to eat at Golden Chorale—what spelling does that place use? Then the bridesmaids and bride will either be heading to a hotel or someone’s house to spend the night together! Fun times. 🙂

Ah…one more hour of work. It’s raining on and off today. I hope it’s not raining after work or I’ll have to walk back in the rain! (Yes, I know my last two posts were about me loving the rain. Don’t hate. 😉 )