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Happy Blog-iversary!

Today is my ‘8 year’ blog-iversary. I wish I could say I had 8 years of riveting posts, but I can’t say that I do.

I’ve used this blog (under two different names) as a means to journal and share creativity. I haven’t always needed that outward form of expressing myself, so there are many empty moments through the archives. However, I thought I’d share some interesting times in my life as I go through college, marriage and career changes in the span of 8 (more like 5-6) years.

2009: One year into college, 2009 is the year I really start blogging!

I discover my love of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion and get my first non-restaurant job. 

I am faced with the horrible choice of being forced to get my first touch screen and data-mandatory phone! (Back when phones were phones)

I realize I want graphic design to be my career.

I made many, many t-shirt d.i.y.’s. This one is a dress from a 4XL t-shirt. 

I get engaged in a surprise photoshoot.

2010: The year I decided to link my Tumblr and Twitter to my blog and almost all my posts have NO TITLE. What an archiving nightmare.


I realize what a hoarder I am

I get super into Photoshop (some more)

I made my brother this adorable Max from Where the Wild Things Are costume

I get into photography.

I get obsessed with fashion photography and move to Chictopia for. a. while.

2011: I graduated college (mid-2010) and move somewhere with no Internet until I got married so I


Post about my bridal portraits

Self-designed wedding invitations

Getting Ready

My awesome wedding party

A beautiful ceremony

And the reception (that I starved at)

2012: Working at an exhausting daycare job and feeling so creatively unfulfilled, I began blogging again!


I opened an etsy store selling vintage purses. This later turned into designing flyers

I tried blogging something more meaningful for the first time on the blog. (I’m still struggling with this, but I have so much to say these days that the hard topics must be given a voice!)

I got a job as a secretary which quickly moved into managing websites! 

I started noticing some sad realities in my life. Mainly the gradual decline of friendships and relationships. 

I tried my hand at d.i.y. journals!

2013: The year I blog fairly consistently! 


I start (and fail to finish) and 365 day Photo Challenge

I tried (and fail to succeed) to organize my blog

I hint at all the friendship struggles I was having (but still try to remain positive and not get too deep)

I try my hand at recipes! Yum! & Coffee

I “win” a fun blogging award and answer questions about myself!

My husband graduates with his Master’s degree and I realize what that means for us

I finally get promoted from managing websites to managing and designing websites! Finally using that college degree to the fullest extent! Except, my creativity for blogging leaves me. 

I learn the hard way about friendships. And, of course, give a vague nondescript version of the story.

2014: After a short lull (only like 6 months, no big deal!) I decide to start blogging again! 


I’m trying to find my focus for 2014. I love d.i.y. and photography projects, but I really want to try my hand at writing more serious posts. I’m a quiet person and have let that affect my opinions on topics, so as not to offend or hurt feelings, but I don’t think that’s a good reason to keep quiet anymore. I hope I can find my path as I begin this blogging thing over again. Every year seems like I’m starting over, because I’m just trying to find my way. Here’s the beginning: 1, 2, 3


Telling A Story: The Reception


My Mamaw, who passed away just four months after our wedding from ovarion cancer got to be at the wedding. Two nurses were able to take her from the nursing home to the wedding, which I am so glad for! It was really special having her there.

I loved the photos from the loft above the reception area.

I loved our dessert bar! The groom’s cake was a peanut butter cake, the wedding cake was lemon cream. My step mom also made some awesome cupcakes. Chocolate coffee, almond, and lemon cupcake. Amazing!

Oh, and our cake topper. 🙂

Taylor’s best man, Zackary, giving his toast, which was so great!

This is my sister. Lunging, violently for the bouquet.

This is my sister, Victoria’s, boy friend.

Yes, they both won.

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Telling A Story: The Wedding Party

We had the best wedding party! I love all of them so much and am so thankful for their supportiveness. These ladies and gents made our wedding hilarious, fun, and so much more memorable.

Memorable Moments:
My girls–Tori, Katy and Charity using all their talent and love to help me look special
Groomsman, Nathan, looking depressed in every photo
The two guys from Tay’s band, Modern Miracle, playing Modern Miracle songs on guitar and keyboard
Best Man, Zack’s amazing speech which meant the world to us
My girls and I scrunched up on a couch that was next to a window which gave us the perfect view of the guests finding seats outside

Don’t forget our wonderful flowers girls and ring bearer–my two second cousins from my mom’s side and my little brother. They were awesome!

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Telling A Story:Getting Ready

At the beautiful wedding site, Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard and Winery, the bridesmaids and groomsmen got ready–in separate rooms. This was so fun–I loved being with my close friends and family as they helped ‘do’ me up. They were so supportive and caring and I only wish I could repay the favor in their future!

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Telling A Story: Paper Goods

For the wedding I designed all the paper goods around my bird/vintage/wooded theme. I am so glad I did this. This was such a lovely personal touch.

To start off my wedding paper planning, I designed a “wedding logo”. According to all the wedding websites I obessed over for two years, creating a custom wedding mongram is all the rage. Well, I jumped right on this, of course. I didn’t actually use the full mongram at the wedding, but creating this small ‘W’ with two love birds on a branch actually helped shape my entire wedding theme.

The lovely wedding invitation. (Note the two love birds and branch from my monogram!)

I SO enjoyed getting these response cards mailed back to me once I mailed our the invitations. On the back of each postcard-size response card was beautiful and hilarious wedding advice and inspiration from all of the friends and family we invited!


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So close…

…to finishing school!

That’s what I must keep in my thoughts these last two semesters as I endure 6pm-9pm classes every night! I was so busy on this first day of Spring classes I didn’t give a fleeting thought to wedding plans! Nooo!

However, by the end of the night I was back on my go-to blogs scouting out cool ideas and thinking reaaaal hard on what our wedding party/attendants invitations should look like.

This weekend Tay and I stopped by Michael’s craft store and went crazy on stamps and ink. Although I can do so much on Photoshop (and I plan on doing a lot of designing) we both want a more personal touch for our paper products. Because we’re doing a ton of DIY projects, I don’t want to overwhelm ourselves with super intricate DIY invitations, but stamps seemed just right to add a personal ‘hand made’ touch.

And finally, some photos:

This is the famous antique mini sewing kit in which Tay hid my engagement ring. So sweet 🙂

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Beginning Stages

I have already spent so much time looking at wedding (or mainly, reception) ideas and thought I’d show you some ideas I love!

This is so simple and cute, but also a little modern. I love it!

There will be lots and lots of candles! I was definitely inspired by this photo because I like the different heights and the grouping.I’ve always thought about having a slideshow of photos at the reception, but I’m beginning to think something sweet and simple like these clotheslines are more vintage and personal.

I am so excited about save the dates and invites! I’m going to design them myself since I have so much time. I love the cute and modern color scheme of these save the date cards. I defintely want something like this modern design, and I love that birds give it a vintagey vibe, as well. That design seems simple enough, but I know it will take me so long to design my own cards because I want to get it just right.

p.s. theknot.com is becoming a go-to place for wedding inspirations! lol

p.p.s. If you don’t follow me on facebook, I thought I’d show you this cute photo of Taylor proposing. I just love the way he proposed!


Weekend Post

Such a fun weekend!

Charity and nathan Lenox had a beautiful wedding ceremony and a very fun reception!

Charity was beautiful in her dress! I can’t wait to see the photos from Barnett Photography because they’re going to be awesome! (Visit their website to see the couple’s engagement photos!)

9.19.09-Wedding 0369.19.09-Wedding 0509.19.09-Wedding 156

It was so fun being in the wedding party. We hung out all day and spent four hours getting ready! Hah. I loved my dress and will just have to find some other occasion to wear it to! But I’ll have to dry-clean it because my beautiful flowers got red and yellow pollen all over it! (Before the wedding!) But it wasn’t a big deal!

The bride walked down to her and nathan singing “Come what May” from the movie Moulin Rouge and now every time I’m in my car that song comes into my mind and I just tear up all over again!

I guess the big news besides the wonderfully amazing wedding and gorgeous bride was that I caught the bride’s bouquet. And there is a story. 😉

No one really wanted to catch it. And everyone decided not to catch it. I decided to not catch it. and then no one was catching it and it was going to fall to the floor so my cat-like reflexes (which I actually don’t usually have…) came out and I just grabbed it! Later Tay told me he had yelled out jokingly, “you better catch it!” Yikes! So if no one knew about me and tay  I guess the bouquet thing makes it official: Yes, there is going to be a wedding in our future. But we’re not even engaged yet so don’t get any big thoughts! 🙂

this is the best shot of my dress! :( oh well lol

this is the best shot of my dress! 😦 oh well lol

hahahaha look close to the right hand side and you see my hand

hahahaha look close to the right hand side and you see my hand reaching out!

9.19.09-Wedding 176

Anyways, the wedding was wonderful! I can’t wait to see the new husband and wife in a few weeks!

For more photos Click These:

My Photos 1
My Photos 2

The bridal party:
Maid of Honor: Nicole White (pictured in first photo tying Charity’s dress)-Charity’s friend since birth. She’s actually going to school in Sydney, Australia and she flew in for the wedding! She was a great maid of honor. She was by Charity’s side the whole day.
Maid of Honor: Ashley ThorntonThey’ve been friends for a long time. She’s so cute! She’s in A&M Commerce but anytime they can these two are together and can talk about anything!
Bridesmaids: Amanda McGill, Nina Derrick, & Me!

Actually all of the girls but me have been friends with Charity since childhood since I didn’t come into the picture until high school. But I would consider myself very lucky because I get to see her pretty much every week and we’ve become really great friends in a short time! I’m glad I was in the wedding!!

I’ll update everyone when the official photos come in! They’ll be amazing!

Post about my Sunday up soon!