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The Potter Trail! | Edinburgh, Scotland

Advocate's Close

Step out of Waverly Station in Edinburgh and look in any direction to see exactly what inspired J.K. Rowling to create the Harry Potter universe the way it is. The famous author still lives in Edinburgh and was at the Wales vs. Scotland rugby match in Edinburgh Sunday as we were walking around. No we didn’t spot her, but saw many rugby fans from both teams decked out in team colors. (So fun!)

But this post is about Harry Potter! Every turn, alley and hill is so beautiful. Edinburgh has this charming old town feel to it that leaves you awe-inspired. I did my fan-girl research and found some notable spots. (Pictured above is Advocate’s Close located on the Royal Mile. Walk down the steps and you’ll be led up the hill to Cockburn’s Street which is a gorgeous street as well.)

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Happy Valentine’s Day! In Scotland!

I’m thrilled about going to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend! We’re staying at our first airbnb home, and plan on doing as many free things as possible! We’ll be winging it, but here’s some I’m hoping to check off the ‘list’! Taylor almost went to Edinburgh for his PHD work, so we’re excited to see it for that reason, but also because of all the Harry Potter inspiration!

Harry Potter Valentine Cards Puns Literary Valentine HP J.K. Rowling Horcrush lol

1. Edinburgh Castle

Travel Goals: Edinburgh Castle


2. Balmoral Hotel /Clock Tower – Where J.K. Rowlings wrote the last Harry Potter book

Balmoral Hotel clock tower ~ Edinburgh, Scotland ☛ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balmoral_Hotel3. Elephant House – Cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book!

The Elephant House in Edinburgh where J.K. Rowling wrote! I love that there's a "Birthplace of Harry Potter" sign. :) I'm already perusing their menu to see what I'll have, even though I've no idea when I'll go...

4. All the lovely streets! Everything looks like Harry Potter!
Cobblestone Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Harry Potter Things
Printable Marauder’s Map
Printable Harry Potter Valentine’s Card




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I took last week off  blogging for various reasons, one being I’ve been incredibly tired! It’s not just blogging. I’ve taken the week off doing anything productive after work. I go to work, go to the gym, go home and fall asleep–usually without dinner–before 10 pm. I haven’t cleaned, organized…I’ve done nothing.

So, it’s time to wake up.

Two weekends ago me and Taylor went with my mom, step-dad and family to Biloxi, Mississippi. We enjoyed a lot of good food and a great acrobatic show called Saltoriya. It was a lot of fun!

IMG_20140719_163101_651 IMG_20140719_154240_600

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Day 9 of the 365 challenge: Guilty Pleasure


I had such a wonderful birthday weekend. Friday, my coworkers gave me all sorts of delicious snacks and a desk full of balloons. Then I spent the night eating dinner with family and watching movies with my sister and cousin. After a relaxing, blessed weekend, I went a little crazy and cut my bangs…my hairstylist sister is going to kill me.

He told me not to post a photo, but my husband made this delicious bundt cake. I picked out the flavors which is why it’s a strange combination; french vanilla with coconut pecan icing. I, personally, think it looks just as delicious as it tastes and deserves to go in the My Husband Can Bake category.

Today is filled with a wonderful church service, relaxtion and The Walking Dead premiere tonight!


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mebw plant_1 signs1

I love digging through junk, vintage items and antiques. This weekend we enjoyed several stores. My favorite shop is a dilapidated warehouse; windows broken, floor caving in, and dusty. Maybe it’s a bunch of junk, but I love it. Another store I love has such interesting pieces, and a shop cat who followed us around as we shopped.

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Weekend Sparkle



I don’t know why I decided to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

I’m hiding this fact from the outside world. (No Christmas decor in the windows…yet.) 

This weekend I….

1. Put up the Christmas tree
2. Rode around on a motorcycle
3. Determined the Thanksgiving dessert I’ll be making
4. Bought two shirts
5. Ate chocolate chip pancakes
6. Learned about gratefulness.

I am grateful for the life I’m living. It’s not too fancy, thrilling, or important. But it’s a life I like living. I won’t be taking it for granted.