Mismatched Mess

of life, love, fashion, & forgetting to update




The sun came out full force this weekend! I rather enjoyed it.

Friday// I enjoyed a couple whiskey sours with the husband and friends. It was good to catch up and have great conversation.

Saturday// I took some senior photos for my step-brother! He was willing to take direction and sit around and wait at our apartment afterwards, while I went through 400 photos to delete and edit them all. When we got back to my dad and step-mom’s house, I enjoyed taking a tour of their new vegetable garden, eating a delicious dinner and playing with their two adorable daschund puppies.

I love weekends like this. It was filled with interesting people and good times.




I feel quite cheated out of a few holidays.

Sunday it rained and hailed and flooded and cancelled all Easter plans as it was too dangerous for the long amount of traveling we would have to do. I also got sick.

Monday I was stiiiill sick and had to stay home. I felt too weak to do much of anything. I was incredibly disappointed, because I had a ton of April Fool’s pranks I had planned for my co-workers/husband. (Next year!)

Honestly, it was a good weekend. Quiet. With plenty of reading and coffee consumption.

Anyone interested in The Walking Dead? The finale was quite enjoyable, to me!




Last weekend I didn’t take many photos as it was raining most of the time so we didn’t do much. It was still a really enjoyable weekend. Friday we ordered the most expensive Domino’s pizza, (like seriously, we didn’t know Domino’s pizza could cost that much since it’s a fairly cheap brand) and ordered movies off Amazon. We got on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kick and, of course, watched the most awful movies made with hilarious commentary dubbed over it.

Saturday, we enjoyed dinner with my mom and siblings, Starbucks, and sorting through a huge bin of clothes my mom and sister donated to Taylor’s dad for his trips to Belize.

Sunday was all about The Walking Dead! Merle! Daryl! Agh.

I love lazy weekends.


(Then my coworker shared this awesome wall decal with me, from Etsy!)  Mystery Science Theater 300 Wall Decal  from  Walkingdeadpromotion

Also gifs! Jumping on the trendy train with A Witty Life. Although YouTube will do Mystery Science Theater 3000 more justice.






I was really productive this weekend. Unfortunately it ended with me being sick.

Friday// Enjoyed time with my cousin, Katy crusing around in her new car and watching strange movies.
Saturday// Cleaned and reorganized my apartment, including a trip to Goodwill to get rid of stuff. I also made Kale chips, listened to lovely records, and worked on cleaning my carpets (half success/half fail)
Sunday// Woke up with extreme allergy junk. Blugh. Sore throat and can’t breathe. But the medicine and allergy pills are working.



latelyIMG_3603 IMG_3607 IMG_3628


My mom gave me a birthday present (early!) today after a wonderful lunch with cousins and aunts; a Polaroid camera and film! While I’m extremely excited about this new (to-me) vintage camera, I’m going to have to do some soul-searching to figure out what ‘shot’ will be worth using a Polaroid for. Apparently, this film came from The Netherlands and is really expensive to buy. (And there are only 8 to a package) I love it though! I’m so excited to research this camera to learn more about it!